Friday, June 5, 2009

Dieudonne's anti-Zionist campaign in full swing in France

(For those of you who do not know who Dieudonne is, or what he does, please check my previous article on this topic here).

First, the big news is that the French government has not succeeded in outlawing Dieudonne's Anti-Zionist Party or the list he has presented for the upcoming European elections. Official polls put the party's estimated support at 4% which, considering who is running such polls in France, probably means that Dieudo has at least 8-10% support. That is, of course, not enough to make a difference in the European political scene, but that is more than enough to keep openly challenging the Zionist lobby in France.

In fact, Dieudo's campaign is in full swing. Check out the new posters his list has released:


"For a Europe free from censorship, communitarianism (ethnicity based politics - VS) and NATO speculators - The Antisionist List"

I would add that it is rather amazing that such a movement would be allowed to exist anywhere in the West, and even more so in France as the power of the Zionist lobby is far greater in France than it is in the USA or, should I maybe say, it is more brazen, more arrogant, more overt. The one factor which proved decisive in this case is the fact that France, like all European countries, has a multi-party political system whereas the USA has, in essence, only one party split into two vaguely competing factions. A "Dieudonne" in the USA is simply impossible as long as a third party is impossible.

Another interesting feature in the Anti-Zionist Party's campaign is the support it is getting from French rap singers. Check out these two videos:

Amazing, no? Considering the explosive tensions between the French "banlieue" (suburban-ghettos) and the government, this double endorsement of Dieudonne and his anti-Zionist platform spells out major troubles for the Zionist lobby in France.

As is well known, French banlieues are heavily Black and Maghrebian which potentially gives an ethnic character to any governmental policy towards them. It now appears that Dieudonne's movement is turning what used to be the alienation of the French youth against the establishment directly at the most powerful component of that establishment: the Zionist lobby. This could very easily repeated in the rest of Europe. I would even argue that this evolution is probably inevitable. This simple truth has now been re-discovered: Zionist is a form of racism (which UN Resolution 3379 clearly declared before being revoked); it is also a form of neo-colonialism, imperialism and it is fundementally anti-democratic.

The other interesting feature of this movement is that is clearly links the Zionist lobby, Israel and the USA into one power structure, what Dieudonne once called "The Axis of Goodness" (again using humor to ridicule and denounce). The Israeli bloodbath is perceived as much as an American or French policy as an Israeli one. This analysis is, of course, fundamentally correct.

Considering how immensely unpopular the USA has become during the Dubya years and his GWOT (Global War on Terror) the merging of the ideas of USA and Zionist in the minds of the French and, possibly, European youth is a very worrying development for the Zionist lobbies everywhere. It would not be incorrect to see all this as a case of "blowback" for what Israel did, and still does, in Gaza.

Dieudonne supporters see themselves as opponents of racism, of course, but also of imperialism, capitalism, globalisation and neo-colonialism. They see countries like Russia, Iran, Venezuela or Bolivia as potential allies. In fact, the number 2 on Diedonne's list, Alain Soral, spoke of Russia as "our future". It appears that a growing segment of the alienated French youth has evolved from the mindless rage stage (throwing stones a cops) to a much more conscious and informed opposition to the system in place and its immoral policies.

All this is rather fascinating and I encourage you all to keep a close eye on the situation in France.

For those who speak French, check out the latest press conference of Dieudonne's list:

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