Monday, June 22, 2009

Sniper or biker?

Check out this piece from Ynet news:

(...) she was not affiliated with any political camp. "Neda's goal was not Mousavi or Ahmadinejad, but her homeland. It was important to her that the homeland advance a step forward."

Neda Sultani was shot by a Besij snipers, who were apparently riding on motorcycles, on Amir Abad Street in Tehran on Saturday. The video that has been circulating on the Internet, making the young woman into a symbol of the Iranian reformist opposition, shows her last moments before being shot in the company of her father (...)


I though that she had been shot by a Basij sniper "hiding on a rooftop"...

Or was the "Basij thug" riding his motorcycle while hiding on a rooftop?

And since when do snipers operate from motorcycles anyway?!

Well, I guess we will probaly never find out who exactly shot Neda, other than that we can be quite certain that he/she was a "Basij thug"...

And then the articles also says this:

In reference to the falsified photographs depicting Neda wearing a green headband that were distributed on the Internet, apparently by Mousavi supporters, Makan said that she was not politically affiliated with either side of the current struggle.

What "falsified photographs"? Does Ynet mean to say that somebody in the "reform camp" actually falsifies photographs? Maybe Ynet is a covert "supporter of the regime"?

Seriously, it is becoming clear that Neda was an innocent bystander who probably caught a lost bullet and that she had nothing to do with any political riots. I can't wait to get more details about whom the Tehran cops actually arrested.

More to come soon, I am sure.

In the meantime check these two recent articles about the "stolen elections" canard (here and here).