Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Guccis have abandoned their legal challenge

I have it from a very good source that Mousavi and Karroubi have not showed up at a meeting of the Guardian Council which was to investigate their claims. Only Rezae was present. Since they were not present to present their case, the Guardian Council will most likely declared that it cannot proceed with the case.

In sum - the Guccis have dropped the facade of legality.

As predicted, the Guccis are now playing their last cards:

1) Street rioting (already happenng)
2) Terrorist attack (bombing of the shrine of Imam Khomenei, MKO, Jundallah, CIA/DIA & Co.)
3) Strategic psychological warfare (YouTube, Twitter, BBC, etc.)

I do not believe that they will succeed, but Iran will come out very weakened from this crisis.

Once the Guccis are crushed - which they will - the Uncle Shmuel will be able to use the "Saddam the evil dictator" excuse to unleash a military aggression against Iran.

Exactly as Kissinger said they would.