Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Better late then never, I suppose

Mohsen Rezaee has withdrawn his complaint and declared that

"The current political, social and security situation has entered a sensitive and decisive phase, which is more important than the election"

Words of wisdom for sure, too bad he did not come to that conclusion as soon as it had become apparent that

a) Ahmadinejad had won by a huge, unfakable, margin
b) That the USraelian Empire and the Guccis would use any pretext to destabilize Iran
c) Violent riots would engulf the streets

Here is what I wrote about Mousavi on the day following the election:

He must know that he lost this election and that, in fact, Ahmadinejad won by an un-fakable landslide. Still, he choose the destabilize his own country at a moment when that country is facing a possible military aggression from abroad. What does that tell you about Mousavi? It tells me that he is objectively the tool of yet another US backed destabilization campaign. It matters little whether Mousavi himself is a paid CIA agent, or whether his entourage is carefully using his ego to push him towards the kind of action he has taken now. The bottom line is still that Mousavi is now hurting his country and helping to destabilize it.

All this, of course, also fully applies to Rezaee and Karroubi.

Call me cynical, but I can't help notice that Rezaee decided to withdraw his candidacy when it became rather clear that this entire Gucci Revolution was headed nowhere. Now, with at least 17 Iranians dead, Rezaee's newfound "patriotic" stance is welcome, for sure, but only as a case of "better late then never".