Friday, March 18, 2011

Sickening display of imperial sabre-rattling

I just heard these two clowns - Obama and Cameron - looking all macho, with fire in their eyes, making all sorts of threats against Gaddafi and the sight of these two corporate suits trying to sound marital just made me sick to my guts.

It was like watching a bad remake of the movie "Dubya and his poodle Blair".

At the fall of the Berlin wall, NATO was left without a mission and without any kind of justification or rationale for its existence.  The wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo gave it a new purpose: to enforce the US colonial rule in Europe.  At that time Russian politicians were moaning and whining about how they had been lied to (which they had) and how NATO had no other purpose.  Then came the disgraceful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in which NATO was essentially defeated.  Well, guess what?  Russia just gave NATO its own little "Grenada" - a feel good mission which cannot fail (the Libyan military is really a joke) and which will grant corporate suits like Obama and Cameron their "macho credentials" (very important for Imperial leaders).

In the meantime, Ziuganov and Zhirinovski are bitching in Moscow, but who cares about what these two clowns have to say?

As for the folks celebrating in Benghazi, they remind me of the hort-sighted Bosnian-Muslims celebrating their imminent 'independence' (ha!) in Sarajevo just before all hell broke loose: all they will get is a bloodbath and a re-colonization by the USA.

Camp Bondsteel v2.0, Libya.

What is wrong with these people?!  Can they really not learn from history?  Must they really repeat the same tragic mistakes over and over again?

Sickening.  And totally depressing.

I have to admit that on days like today I am thoroughly disgusted by mankind.

The Saker