Thursday, March 10, 2011

Russia opposes any military intervention in Libya, Sarko is a idiot, NATO mulls options

Russian TV has shown a statement of Foreign Minister Lavrov who declared that Russia opposes any type of military intervention in the Libyan conflict.

The Eltsin years are over and I don't think that Russia will back down from this.  So no UNSC resolution authorizing any US/NATO military intervention will be passed.  Besides, I suppose that China would also oppose it.

As for the US Empire, I am not sure that its up to act unilaterally, even with this bellicose bitch Hillary as Secretary of State.  It's pretty clear that Defense Secretary Gates is against it, and he probably speaks for the rest of the military (at least in this case).

In the meanwhile, France - trying to be 'grand', as usual - just recognized the Libyan rebels as the legitimate government of Libya.

"Sakro" is just such a flaming idiot, it's almost incredible...

But then, Chirac seriously wanted a replay of the Dien Bien Phu disaster when he seriously suggested that NATO troops be landed in Gorazde in Bosnia (the Yanks told him to forget that crazy idea, and since only the US had the helicopters the idea died a timely death).

In the meantime - NATO is meeting in Brussels.  We shall see what these folks come up with.