Monday, March 7, 2011

Short news update about Libya

Al Jazeeraq just provided some juicy details about what happened to the British SAS in Libya: they landed in a miltiary helicopter in the middle of the night, but they were heard and rapidly surrounded. After a 10-15 minutes firefight they surrendered to the Libyans.

Frankly, I had a better opinion of the SAS. For the US Special Forces, such a SNAFU would be standard procedure, but for the Brits?

In the meantime, Obama is threatening the Libyan regime with a NATO intervention and with being prosecuted for their actions. I don't think bad old Barak is understanding that the Libya regime has bigger concerns right now than his threats.

As for the military measures, the Yanks are considering stuff like (in decreasing order of gravity) a no-fly zone, bombing Libyan runways or jamming regime signals.

Last thing: al-Jazeera is claiming that the Libyan anti-regime forces oppose an invasion, but are requesting a no-fly zone.

So far, the Empire is speaking about UNSC support for any action. I wonder if they would decide to ignore it like they did for the NATO war on Yugoslavia...