Thursday, March 10, 2011

NATO lukewarm on intervention - are false flags next?

Following NATO's meeting today it appears that the organization is lukewarm about the idea of a military intervention in Libya, including a no-fly zone.  The fact that the very same folks who illegally attacked Yugoslavia are now seriously speaking about the "need for legal sanction" is really rather disgusting, but it's good news anyway.

So what's next?

Well, a situation a la Afghanistan following the Soviet withdrawal is one possibility.  Remember what happened then?  The Najibullah regime managed to stay in power for another two years until the Taliban, the Northern Alliance and, mostly, the Pakistanis succeeded in re-taking Kabul (and promptly murdering him).  The comparison should not be taken too far, of course as there are big differences between the two situations, but something similar could well be in the making if nobody intervenes.

Which brings me to my next point.  Several media reports recently mentioned some huge gas storage facility (don't recall the name or location) which, if it exploded, would provoke a massive blast followed by an equally massive release of toxic gas resulting in many thousands of dead people.

Well, are you catching my drift?

In these "post-9/11" times when false flags are so successful, all it takes, at least according to the reports I have heard, one missile or round and the whole thing goes into the air?  How hard do you think it would be for the USraeli Empire to deliver such a missile right on target?  (That would be a *perfect* mission for a B-2 bomber, by the way...)

Would that not be a wonderful 'proof' that foreign military intervention is the "only way to stop this horrible massacre" and all the rest of the rhetoric we heard in Bosnia?

Another possibility would be a chemical attack on anti-regime forces which, of course, would be automatically and immediately blamed on Gaddafi without so much as a modicum of investigation?

Considering the huge wealth at stake, I would say that those who want a foreign military intervention and who "cannot" "afford" a situation like the one following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan are very likely to try a false flag 'atrocity' to force NATO's hand.

We should all now be hyper-critical of any report of atrocities coming out Libya.

The Saker