Friday, February 18, 2011

What is that crazy bitch smoking?

Listen to these words of wisdom about the situation in Afghanistan:
"They face a stark choice between war and peace, as (...) military pressure on them mounts.  They cannot defeat us. And they cannot escape this choice"
Who do you think said that? Mullah Omar? Hakimullah Mehsud? Maybe Osama himself (from the word beyond, IMHO)? Nope.

She is one hell of a joker, is she not?  She seriously claims that she supported the Egyptian Revolution from day 1, that there is a bloodbath in Iran, but that the killings in Bahrain are only "deplorable" and now that: Hillary is telling the Taliban that they cannot defeat the USA!  That at a time when the USA spend more time in Afghanistan than the USSR and when it has comprehensively been defeated (does anybody still remember the lame US campaigns in southern Afghanistan last year?).

I usually do not refer to ladies with the word "bitch", but after much consideration I think that this term is ideally suited for Hillary.  She is clearly evil to the core, without even a minor trace of decency or honesty.  She is nasty and bellicose in a way Maggie Thatcher was, but unlike Maggie, Hillary is all words, she cannot deliver on any of her threats.  Maggie, for all her numerous other faults, at least had a bite which matched her bark.  Hillary is a toothless barker, something rather pathetic.