Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Suspects of Attacks Arrested in Moscow

The Russian police arrested a woman and three men from Chechnya suspected of being involved in preparing an attack in this capital, Federal Security Service sources reported.

According to Life News, those involved are Hassan Nazhaev, 26, Ramzan Jaliev, 28, Ruslan Yusupov, 30, and Angela Batalova, 39, who allegedly is the widower of a member of an armed group.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation considered it likely that Maria Jorosheva, the wife of Vitali Razdbudko, was the suicide attacker who blew herself up on Monday at the entrance to a police building in Gubden, Dagestan.

That territory suffered another suicide attack the same day and the local press blamed Razdbuko. A car bomb, loaded with 30 kilograms of explosives, killed two people and injured 22.

Razdbuko is seen as the organizer of the attack of January 24 on Domodedovo airport, where Magomed Evloev, 20 and under the effects of drugs, remained for an hour before perpetrating the attack that killed 36 people and injured nearly 200.