Thursday, February 10, 2011

Has Mubarak totally gone insane?!

I have just listened to Mubarak addressing the Egyptian nation on al-Jazeera.  Since this morning there were plenty of rumors that the guy would finally quit.  Al-Jazeera showed amazing images.  On the left side of the screen, Mubarak was listing all his (assumed) qualities.  On the right the people at Tahrir square (fully packed) were screaming from the top of their lungs "he shall leave!".  And then, finally, Mubarak announced that he is transferring his powers to his Vice-President Suleiman and then he announced that he was staying until September?!?!

This is amazing.  What does that mean?  He transferring his powers to his Vice-President AND he is staying until September?!

I wonder if he is just plainly loosing his mind...

I would add that Mubarak was trying to ingratiate himself to the crowd by saying good things about the people in Tahrir square and the people who were killed by Mubarak's thugs.  But by saying that he cut himself from the possibility of using force against the demonstrators, did he not?!  So if he does not leave and if he does not use force against the demonstrators, what does he really expect?  Does he really believe that people would actually buy his arguments and quietly go home?!?!

It really looks to me that this megalomaniac is completely out of touch, if not insane.

I wonder what the people in Egypt will do now?  I cannot see how they would give up - so if they don't give up, they will rise up and possibly actually revolt and confront the cops and soldiers?!

From all reports, it appears that the people are now truly offended and outraged.  My feeling is that the risk of a real and violent uprising is now very real.

Your opinion?