Thursday, February 10, 2011

My sincere apologies and heartfelt homage to the Egyptian people

I have to honestly confess here that my opinion of the Egyptian people was not very high until recently.  Frankly, it offended me that they would accept to help the Israelis to strangle the Palestinians, it also offended me that they would accept having their country sold out to US imperial interests.  I guess, its their silence which offended me most.  I now realize that my feeling was unfair.  Yes, the Egyptians were silent, but they were also waiting for a time to speak up.  And when the time came, they really spoke up very loudly and clearly.

What the Egyptians are doing today is AMAZING!  Maintaining the mass demonstrations for two weeks while having several hundred comrades being murdered by the regime's thugs is absolutely without precedent (at least, I cannot think of one).  The economic plight of the people of Egypt is worsening day by day, and yet the crowds are becoming bigger and bigger.

Most amazing of all - these demonstrators actually appear to be SPONTANEOUS.  Also something without precedent (at least as far as I can recall).

I am now really full of admiration for these people and I wish them well in this most dangerous situation.

I just heard this murderous buffoon Suleiman seriously telling the Egyptian people to, I am not kidding you, just "go home" and "stop watching satellite TV".

He is apparently as crazy as his boss Mubarak.

May God help the Egyptian people tomorrow.  It would take a miracle for the situation not to explode into mass violence now.