Sunday, February 6, 2011

Obama promises "change we can believe in" - in Egypt

Yep.  The biggest crook, and arguably the most dishonest US president ever, has actually had the nerve to speak about "change" again.  CBC News reports that he declared that:
Egypt will not go back to what it was and is ready for political change, U.S. President Barack Obama said Sunday night, adding that the popular opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood does not have majority support in the country.
I am almost tempted to conclude that if Obama declares that the MB does not have majority support in the country, it probably does.  Or at least a plurality.  Of course, I understand Obama's dilemma: since Hillary has stated that:
Today we learned the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate, which suggests they at least are now involved in the dialogue that we have encouraged
Obama can hardly admit that the MB - which used to be banned by Mubark's regime - is going to play a major political role.

And just to make sure that any tentative "change" is just like Obama himself - 100% Zio-compatible - Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declared on US TV that:
One of my chief goals right now it to make sure we keep the lines of communications open, I have talked to my counterpart a couple of times. And also that we’ve got our military ready, should any kind of response or support be required
"Support".  Is that not wonderful?  I am sure that he folks at Tahrir square at now very reassured that the US military is ready to provide them with "support".

The most pathetic aspect of all that is that the very same US politicians will then say "they hate us for our freedoms" and that a lot of folks in the USA will believe it.