Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This the reality of life in the USA (UPDATED)

Some people are laughing about this video.  They think that "polite robber" is a hilarious thing.  It's not.  This is a tragedy which happens every day in the Imperial Homeland (aka the "USA"): millions of unemployed people loose it all, not because of their fault, but because of the absolute control which corrupt billionaires have over the US regime.

Unlike what happens in every developed country on the planet, in the Imperial Homeland if you loose your job, you also risk loosing your health (and life!) and your house.  While the US spends more than a billion dollars per day on imperialistic aggression (aka "defense") millions of Americans are facing a simple and horrible situation: either hope that some friend or relative can help you, or commit a crime to get the means to survive. Needless to say, these involuntary and  forced "criminals" absolutely lack even the basic skills to survive in a criminal world (after all - they are not criminals!) and they rapidly get caught and send to the 2'000'000+ strong American Gulag.  I am quite sure that this poor man was arrested within 24 hours of his clumsy attempt at robbery.  Add to this that most American states have feudal and barbaric "mandatory sentencing laws" and you can imagine what will happen to this poor man ("use of a firearm in the commission of a felony" will typically carry a minimum of 10-15 years).

Many of them turn to alcohol and/or drugs as the only type of (self-) medication for depression and this also leads them straight into the US Gulag (the biggest on the planet, both in absolute number and per capita).

If you have not seen it already, check out this video and listen carefully to both men in this exchange:

What you see are only two of the million of decent, honest and kind Americans who are both victims of the regime plutocratic Fascism which shows no more pity for its own then it does to all the people worldwide it oppresses, kills, maims, dispossesses or simply bombs into poverty.

When we think of all the victims of US imperialism we should never forget the victims which live in the Imperial Homeland and who know that the so-called "American dream" is nothing but a nightmare for the vast majority of Americans.

The Saker

UPDATE:  There is more information about this guy now,  turns out that he is a 65 year old men with a record of several armed robberies in the past.  He lost a job at Starbucks and then began a series of robberies click here and here for full the full reports in the corporate press.  Notice that while the cops and reporters describe the guy with plenty of sarcasm, they never seem to show any interest in why he was acting in the way he did.  They are, in fact, completely indifferent to his circumstances and motives.  A 'polite liar and robber'.  "That's it kiddies, now you can go back to sleep.  All is well, and justice has been served.  Good nite and do not wake up!!!"