Monday, June 7, 2010

Max Blumenthal interviewed by Amy Goodman on Democray Now (MUST SEE!)

Max Blumenthal describes to Amy Goodman the nationalistic, xenophobic and even overtly racist fervor which is taking over the general public in Israel

PS: special note to any the Jew-hater out there who might come across my blog:

Uri Avnery, an 86 year old Israeli Jew and peace activist is beaten up by Israeli thugs, Max Blumenthal, an American Jew, is probably risking his life by his reporting about the Israeli mobs, Amy Goodman, an American Jew, is reporting this news which nobody else in the media reports, and Emily Henochowicz, a dual US-Israeli citizen, lost her left eye after being shot during a protest in the West Bank last week. What kind of self-sacrifice and suffering on the part of anti-Zionist Jews would it take to open the eyes of all the Jew-haters out there that this is not about ethnicity, that the hatred of Jews as a group is both morally wrong and fundamentally ignorant and stupid?! Oh and by the way - how much have any and all the wannabe Neo-Nazis out there done to help the Palestinians? Nothing, of course.

As I will never cease to repeat: there is no such thing as in intelligent racist.

The Saker