Sunday, June 20, 2010

Email exchange with Professor Arkady Aharon Tsinober

I recently got an email from one Professor Arkady Aharon Tsinober whom I had never met, whom I had never heard of, and who clearly had no idea who I was. The subject heading of his email was "are you Jewish?". I decided to share the exchange with you:

This is a message to Edith Lutz, Kate Leiterer and Glyn Secker, Jews for Justice For Palestinians,

I just wonder how serious you are. Or the issue is just "Follow the money trail"?

I am afraid that you are still not aware of the simple fact that the face you see in the mirror hardly belongs to an honest person.

Anyway regards from the famous Jew by name Judge Goldstone and similar.

My last question why do you remain Jewish, it is high time to become a Moslem?

Professor Arkady Aharon Tsinober

To which I replied:

Dear Sir,

I am rather baffled by your email. You are asking me whether I am Jewish, even though we never met, and you seem to think that I am either Edith Lutz, Kate Leiterer or Glyn Secker or that I am affiliated with Jews for Justice For Palestinians (which, if I am, is none of your business). More amazingly, you call me dishonest, even though you clearly have no idea who I am. You end up advising me to become a Muslim.

Now, I realize that you are a specialist in turbulence (check his resume - VS) in all its aspects, but that hardly gives you the right to judge, much less so insult, somebody whom you clearly know nothing about.

You had the nerve to insult me. Let's now see if you have the deceny and courage to apologize.

Ну все - буду ждать ответа. (the guy was born in Russia, so I ended with saying in Russian that I shall await his answer).


And here is what I got this morning from Tsinober:

Dear VP,

You are absolutely wrong writing that it is none of my business whether you are affiliated with Jews for Justice For Palestinians (or not), as what you are doing is spreading lies, slanders, disinformation and so on (the list is too long to go on) against me and my country. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this pandemia of hypocrisy, which had several reasons all having as a basis corruption from trivial one involving money to “moral” (and similar) ones again involving other not less “important” benefits. These phenomena are known throughout our long history, and I am working now on these writing up a book with a tentative title “Hypocricy in Jewish history”. It is for this reason I am looking into the “activity” of the kind you are shamefully involved, so you (and alike) may find some place (sorry, pretty modest) in this book. Note that for more than 50 years I am collecting information on this issue and I have my own very impressive library on Jewish history, culture and so on, which I started to collect as youngster in the former USSR.

You want an apology. I wonder for what. I looked carefully through your publications, videos, promotion of anti-Jewish books, etc.: you have quite an “unusual” sense/idea (if any) about justice - you just systematically lie, so you deserve far more than I have written.

The only thing I can repeat is the question: what is the motivation? Why are you doing all this? Or are you “unaware” that you spread lies, slanders, disinformation, etc.? Or perhaps you are just a Moslem?: Quran does allow (and even recommends) such things against infidels. There is one more question: who is paying for your activity? Note that decent organizations allow access to such information. And yours?

I do not think that there is much sense in continuing our communication, unless you answer my questions


Now, I am going to follow the good professor's advice and stop the communications with him. Clearly, there is no point in trying to hammer some sense or even basic decency in this man's confused soul. What is clear from all this is the deep hatred which doubleplusgoodthinking Zionist Jews feel towards any Jew who is not loyally parroting the official Zionist narrative or who dares to defend the right of the Palestinians. And that is definitely good news. If folks like Tsinober feel like picking up the pen and writing this kind of nonsense this shows that they know that the writing is on the wall for them and their ugly little racist state. I don't imagine that Tsinober is a paid Hasbara employee (surely a guy with this qualifications can find a better job in Israel, than writing propaganda for the government). So he is probably a sincere volunteer, quite representative of the the kind of Jews who see all of mankind as being split into three categories: unjustly persecuted Jewish victims, anti-Semitic goyims and self-hating Jews (the poor professor is confused enough to place me in this last category).

The morally bankrupt Zionists are clearly either panicking or in deep denial (like the folks who visited to specially arranged viewing point to watch the Gaza massacre or the brownshirts who celebrated the "naval victory" of the glorious Israeli Navy over the Mavi Marmara). Either way, the days of the last racist state on the planet are counted.

The Saker