Saturday, June 19, 2010

Iran responds to UNSC resolution

Press TV reports:

Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) has issued a declaration in response to a recent UN Security Council resolution against the country.

The following is the full text of the declaration:

In the name of God, the most Gracious and the Merciful

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Declaration in Response to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929

The United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1929 on 9 June 2010. Contrary to the expectation of the international community that the new UNSC resolution would condemn Israel's attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla less than ten days before the adoption of the Resolution, the international community saw once again the United States defending the Zionist regime and thus preventing the Security Council from taking any action against the atrocities The Resolution also ignored the final declaration of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference that was adopted just 15 days earlier by 189 countries. This declaration required the Zionist regime to abide by the NPT. But the international community had not seen a single UNSC resolution condemning the nuclear activities of the Zionist regime. Nor has the Council shown any intention of finding out who has provided nuclear weapons to the Zionist regime.

The reason is clear. Some of the permanent members of the Security Council are principal suspects of this proliferation. The subject of Resolution 1929 is not about the concern over production, manufacturing, proliferation or testing of a new generation of nuclear weapons by permanent members of the Security Council. Also there is no reference to 11 proposals by the Islamic Republic of Iran during the NPT Review Conference concerning disarmament and non-proliferation; the same proposals that received a warm response by the international community. The subject of the Resolution, contrary to all expectations, is the peaceful nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which have been demonized on the basis of false accusation that accusations that have not been proven. On the contrary, the last report by the Director General of the IAEA, published only a day before the Resolution, reiterated for the 22nd time that our activities have not diverted from their peaceful objectives.

Those behind the adoption of this Resolution are exposing themselves to the judgment of the international community under circumstances that the world witnessed adoption of Tehran declaration. This was a declaration that openly and clearly called for peaceful nuclear cooperation without any confrontation with regards to the rights of sovereign nations. The United States encouraged Brazil and Turkey to interact with Iran. This is while one month after the adoption of the Tehran declaration, it was welcomed by the 120 members of the Non-Aligned Movement.

The adoption of Resolution 1929 irrespective of the Tehran declaration and the attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla has proven the righteousness of the viewpoints of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

1. It proves that the Security Council is not a proper forum to uphold the maintenance of international peace and security and a body to secure the rights of nations. It proves that as long as the United States formally regards itself committed to the security of the Zionist regime and continues to support its atrocities, the Security Council is not able to adopt any resolution condemning the many crimes committed by the Zionist regime.

2. It proves that the United States is becoming more and more discredited and distrusted in the world and that not even the slogan of "change" could restore the US administrations long-lost credibility. The international community clearly witnessed the US Presidents willingness to take the credit of other countries under false pretense. This can be judged by the statements made by President of Brazil and the Prime Minister of Turkey, which are now available to the international community.

3. It has proven the United States is the principal offender in using, proliferating, and testing nuclear weapons, and thus poses the greatest threat to the international community and mostly its own people. How can a regime that is not able to contain an oil well be trusted by the world to contain its arsenal of nuclear weapons that jeopardizes global security?

4. It has been proven that the United Stated tries to distract and redirect world public opinion from the real threats by concocting made-up and fictitious threats. The real threats are the direct results of flawed policies by the American regime in stockpiling nuclear weapons and supporting state terrorism.

5. It has been proven that certain monopolist governments are determined to deprive other nations of peaceful nuclear technology and having access to fuel cycle which are clear examples of the "right to development," "right to natural resources" and the "right to self-determination."

Using the opportunity to demonstrate to the public opinion of the world the above-mentioned viewpoints, the Islamic Republic of Iran declares:

1. Entry of the Security Council into the subject relating to peaceful activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran is illegal, unwarranted and contrary to Article 39 of the Charter. It also fully contravenes the organizational and safeguard requirements of the IAEA. The Council needs to take prompt action in redressing and putting right its past mistakes.

2. The Islamic Republic of Iran openly and clearly declares that any action against the lawful and legitimate rights of people of Iran will be responded by reciprocal lawful actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

3. Disappointment of the US administration in receiving the unanimous vote of the members of the Security Council, despite all the unconventional pressure exerted and contacts established by the president, and the fact the international community in the declaration of the Non-Aligned Movement chose not to go along with the will of certain big powers clearly demonstrate the beginning of a new era of international relations to ensure the rights of nations based on justice and respect.

4. We are pleased to see that "Peaceful Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None" as a human goal, has turned into an opportunity to forge greater cooperation among independent governments and consider it an auspicious phenomenon for defending the fundamental rights of nations. Therefore, we believe that the insistence of the US administration on continuing on the same flawed path is costly, useless and will only result in uncovering the unjust and faulty mask of the Security Council at their own cost and will strengthen the resolve of nations to have fair international relations.

5. The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes again the importance of the Tehran declaration as a good foundation for greater solidarity of independent nations in countering the excessive demands by big powers and forging stronger relations for peace, justice and happiness for humankind.