Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just what Iran needed!

"Jewish group launches Iran campaign" is the headline on Ynet. I kid you not! You can check it yourself. The article goes on to say "Marking the first anniversary of Iran’s disputed election, the American Jewish Committee on Tuesday launched a major online advocacy campaign to demand that the United Nations Human Rights Council "end its silence on the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Iranian regime."

Just what Iran needed. It's "American Jewish friends" trying to re-start the Gucci Revolution by appealing to no less than Hillary Clinton: AJC Executive Director David Harris actually wrote “As one of the few voices for freedom in the UN Human Rights Council, the United States should mark the anniversary by demanding that this body finally become worthy of its name".

Yeah - the first shining beacon of democracy, American Jews, will appeal to this other shining beacon of democracy, Hillary Clinton, to save Iran from what they would call "medieval regime of oppression of the Mullahs lead by a Holocaust-denying and Israel off-the-map-wiping anti-Semite".

Does these guys realize how ridiculous they are?!