Friday, January 9, 2015

Open Letter to the Saker Community and all our friends

Dear friends,

What is happening right now is huge, we are dealing with nothing less than a full-scale "French September 11th", no less.  At this point, I am not saying that the French state did it, or even let it happen.  But what is certain is that at the very least the French state and the corporate media are making maximal use of the various terrorist murders in France to promote their agenda.  We all know what happened the last time around (click here if you forgot).

The house is burning!

For many months now Alain Soral and others have been warning that the French regime is pushing towards a civil war between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities in France and this is exactly what we are seeing, but it is even bigger than France - this is reaching all of Europe now.  Considering how my editorial "I am NOT Charlie" was completely misunderstood (or deliberately misinterpreted) I feel the need to specify a few things very clearly and for the record:

First, it does not really matter at this point in time if what we saw in France is a false flag or a case of blow-back just as when a house is burning it matters little who set it on fire, the owner or the neighbor.  What matters now is to prevent people from dying in the burning house, only then does it make sense to open an investigation into "who done it".  What matters now is that the house is burning.

Second, there is absolutely zero doubt, none whatsoever, that the AngloZionist Empire is behind the "transnational Takfiri infection" of our planet.  It all began during the Cold War and the "brilliant" Brzezinski/CIA plan to unleash the crazies against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan.  This is when the US literally financed, organized, trained, equipped and, most importantly, federated the Wahabi freaks for the first time.  Since, we saw them in action in Chechina, Bosnia, Kosovo, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and many other places and now we see them "in action" in Paris.  Hollande, Sarko and his "unofficial Foreign Minister" Bernard Henri-Levi played a key role in unleashing these monsters against Libya and Syria just as the French "New (pseudo-) Philosophers" like Alain Finkelkraut played a key role in unleashing these monsters against Bosnia.  So here is the key point I will stress in bold: the Takfiri maniacs who committed all the murders in France are NOT "children" of the "Islamic Umma" but of the French deep-state and the Anglo-Zionist Empire.  They "own" these freaks, not Hassan Nasrallah or Ramzan Kadyrov!

Third, the propaganda machine of the AngloZionist Empire is telling us that "Islam is the enemy" or that "Islam is not compatible with western values".  But to prove their point they use examples which prove nothing: the example of the Takfiri crazies unleashed, I will never cease to repeat it, by the AngloZionists.  The merits and faults of Islam as a religion have nothing to do with the events of Paris.  Nothing.  Takfirism is to Islam what Nazism is to the Western civilization: a vicious and pathological expression of demonic hatred masquerading as the defense of a culture/civilization/religion.  Nazism does not "prove" that the West is inherently evil and Takfirism does not prove that about Islam.  Now, please pay attention, it *might* be that there is something really wrong (or not) with western civilization or Islam, but you cannot prove that by using the example of Nazism or Takfirism.
[Sidebar: contrary to what a lot of dishonest or plain stupid people accused me of doing, I am NOT an apologist for Islam.  As a matter of fact, one of my biggest problems with Islam is its support for the death penalty (which I oppose) and especially its support of the death penalty for blasphemers and apostates (which I find absurd).  All I said was that when you deeply offend 1.6 billion people - regardless of who these 1.6 billion people are or what they believe in - you will always and inevitably find 1-5 willing to kill you for doing so.  I was not condoning anything, I was explaining it!!  How friggin stupid (or dishonest!) not to be able to tell the difference between the two...]
Fourth, just as in 9/11 the very predictable reaction of the French authorities and the rest of the imperial media is to crack down on civil liberties, to create "minutes of hate", to stir up a bellicose hysteria fed by fear and anger all of which very conveniently take away the public's attention from the dying EU, the crumbling economy, the exploitation of the poor by the rich 1%ers and the fact that we all live in a society which wants us to become serfs in a planetary empire.  I even get the strong feeling that since the AngloZionist plan for the Ukraine is falling apart, they have 'switched' from the "Invading Russian Bear" to the "Crazy Muslim Terrorist" narrative to terrify the general population.
[Sidebar: I have been absolutely appalled at RT's coverage of these events.  Somebody at the top of RT clearly has taken the decision to fully endorse this nonsensical "Muslim terrorist threat" narrative and that is a clear sign that the 5th column of "Atlantic Integrationists" has its fingers reaching deep inside the RT top management]
So what does it mean for our community?

It means that we are in for some exceptionally hard times.  I have never received as much hate mail than over the past 24 hours.  I am accused of being a religious fanatic, a bigot, an unconditional supporter of Islam, of approving of executions, of being a fascist and, of course, an anti-Semite.  Second, I have to report that the entire infrastructure of the Saker Community is now at risk due to the resignation of some absolutely crucial persons who have decided to cut all ties with the Saker community due to profound disagreements with my opinions.  I am currently scrambling to try to find a solution and the people who resigned have promised me that they will help me in making the transition.  Still, it is undeniable that in two crucial aspects we, our entire community, is now extremely vulnerable:

a) the registration of various vineyardsaker.* domain names
b) the IT backup arrangement in case of a technical problem with our servers (whether due to an attack or to a technical issue)

Furthermore, I have had to take the decision to hire a lawyer to help me protect the various vineyardsaker.* websites and myself from potential abusive lawsuits and this will cost me a lot of money and will take some time.  Right now, not only is my "thin anonymity" directly threatened, but the very existence of our various blogs is threatened too.
[Sidebar: just as a reminder, I cherish what I call my "thin anonymity"  (lots of folks know who I am, as do all the interested governments) because it helps stay focused on issues rather then on persons.  Not only am I not interested in any personal recognition, I don't want to be a topic at all.  And I want to keep the inevitable crazies from harassing me with their insanity.  So it is very important for me, but if I have to lose it over this crisis then so be it.  I rather not, but if there is no other way, I will.]
I will try to cope with all of this, but this will severely disrupt my ability to follow events, analyze the situation, deal with the various community related issues or iron our kinks on the new website.  So for the next couple of days/weeks I ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

Furthermore, I think that our community will suffer from a lot of attacks, defections and personal attacks.  What the AngloZionists are trying to organize right now is an anti-Muslim lynchmob, their famous "clash of civilizations" and I cannot stand for that.  I will not be a bystander to that abomination and I will try has hard as I can to denounce it for the immoral, stupid fraud it is.  Not because I am a "closet Islamist" or because I support murdering reporters, but because I categorically refuse to join any lynch mob and because I categorically reject the notion of a clash of civilizations.
[Sidebar: "the clash of civilizations" right? In these difficult times, do you know which two groups of friends came out in my support?   Serbs and Muslims who, at least according to the official Imperial narrative are supposed to be enemies, right?  So much for the supposed hatred between these people; but then again, Chechens and Russians are also supposed to hate each other while in realty, and much to the AngloZionist's chagrin, they are fighting the Ukrainian Nazis side by side in the Donbass]
And make no mistake, things are about to get much, much worse.  Here is already a link to a photo of a half-naked "Femen" with "f**k the xxx" (here xxx stands for the Quran whose name I did not want to print next to the profanity) written on her chest while she burns and steps on the Quran (please only click to see for yourself if you are not Muslim) hereI fully except that this kind of "exercises in freedom of speech" will multiply and become widespread as will the reactions from Muslims ranging from true ones to false flags.

==>>The current polarization will become worse and more intense<<==

For our community this means that we will lose readers, friends and even collaborators.  Make no mistake, those who follow the news on the idiot box are now in a state of total hysteria and they will perceive anybody not joining in as a evil, crazy "Islamofascist".  We will all pay a price for not joining in the general hysteria.

Be prepared and accept that as the price to pay for doing the right thing.

How you can help

Oh boy, know I sure do need your help more then ever before.  Please remember that I am ONE GUY and that I cannot do it all all alone.  So here is what you can do to help:

Problem one: computers and backup/security issues.

Until today we had a system setup in which all the various Saker blogs were automatically backed up into a third-party server.  If case of technical crash, or DDoS attack, or cracking-defacing all it would have taken is to switch the attacked domain name to a different IP and the original blog would have been back up again.  We lost that yesterday.

So, if you own and run servers and if you are willing to take over this "emergency backup" function please contact me ASAP.

Second, I am now in dire need of backend/server specialists to help with any technical issues related to keeping all the Saker Blogs up and running.  If you have that type of skills, please email me ASAP.

Third, I am very concerned that I will further lose webmasters and backend/server specialists.  If you have that type of skills, please email me ASAP.

Fourth, my main webmaster (Gevorg in Armenia) has done a stellar job preparing the new blog and he is now most generously donating his time to help me weather this crisis (right now he is literally running the new blog alone with the help of only one pre-moderator for comments).  I would ask our community to pitch in and help me collect donations for Gevorg to help him for his dedication.  So please send me whatever donation you can for Gevorg and please indicate "for Gevorg" on your PayPal donation.

Problem two:  legal expenditures

As I have mentioned, I am going to incur some serious legal costs to try to set up some kind of LLC+trust to find a permanent solution for all the domain names and to protect everybody from abusive legal attacks.  So, if you happen to be reasonably well off (sorry, but a small donation will just not help in this case) and if you can help me pay the lawyers to protect the entire community, please help me raise the funds needed to cover the legal costs.  If you do send me a contribution for this purpose, please clearly indicate "for legal matters" on your donation or, better, please email me.

Also, if you are a lawyer in the USA and you are willing to work pro bono to help, please contact me.

My goal is simple: to create a legal structure which would protect myself and entire Saker community on two levels: the anonymity of those who want to remain anonymous and a protection from any nasty lawsuits or other forms of legal harassment for everybody in the community.  I cannot do that alone - so please help!

Now, I think that I will add something which I have been thinking about for a while but never dared to do.  But since the house is burning, I might as well I suppose, it ain't gonna make things worse...

My special appeal to those with big means (financial or other)

I don't know if you exist, but I will assume that you do.  I see you as a person who has been reading the Saker Blog for a while already, and who has seen this community grow in response to the dramatic developments in the Ukraine.  Though you are a person with big means (financial or other), you have very much been on "our side" and you have seen how day after day we all - our entire community - have been making a difference.  Even though what was originally just a "one anonymous guy's blog" has turned into a worldwide community of 8 blogs, written in 5 languages on 4 continents it has done so entirely through the time, efforts and dedication of volunteers who did that on their so-called "free time".  And yet we are fighting a huge EMPIRE, with a multi-billion dollars planetary corporate media, backed my a network of plutocrats and financiers which can cough up literally millions of dollars without even a tiny crease in their net worth of bottom line.  Some of us are unemployed, or make minimal wage.  Most of us, I know that for a fact, live from paycheck to paycheck.  Alternatively, some of us have two full-time jobs (like myself, and we still live from paycheck to paycheck).  Lenin spoke of the need for "professional revolutionaries".  Well, I sure wish he was alive today to help us.  But then, he had rich bankers supporting him (and Trotsky).  We don't.  And yet, it is still true that "Pecunia nervus belli" (money forms the sinews/nerve of war).  So how can we fight this war when we are struggling to pay our bills, nevermind investing into this war? 

So if you do exist and if you are reading these words of mine you can do one of two things to really help us all:

a) help us pay our bills
b) help us pay for our "war effort" (we have no communication budget, no travel budget, our IT is staffed by volunteers, our translators don't even get a waitress' tip, many of us are grossly under-equipped or have a terrible Internet access.  One of the founding members of one of our blogs has had to stop helping us because he could not pay for his Internet connection!).

Right now, there is one very generous person who has covered all the server costs for the entire community and one other generous person who has quite literally helped my family from sinking further into debt.  And yet I am quite sure that neither of them is truly wealthy.  Without these two men our entire community would disappear.  And yet we are touching many hundred of thousand of people out there, including you.

Of course, it would be nice if you could simply pay our bills, but I dare not hope for that kind of help.  But maybe you have the skills and expertise to help us finance our efforts by setting up a foundation, or by establishing a trust fund?  Or maybe you can get together with a few friends and together find a way to keep our community from struggle so hard against "petty" but painful daily problems?

The stakes are sky high.  Not only is there a real risk of civil war in France and in other parts of Europe, there is now a real possibility of a continental war in the Ukraine and even a total intercontinental nuclear war between the USA and Russia is not impossible any more.

Just last week I received an very concerned email from a former (now retired) Primate of an Autocephalus Orthodox Church (one of the biggest ones!) telling me that he and his very well connected friends and sources were truly worried about a war breaking out between Russia and the USA.  Former top level politicians like Paul Craig Roberts are now only warning about the risks of war.  I have friends in Germany who tell me that the German military is preparing for war.  I know for a fact that Russia has been preparing for a US/NATO attack for months already.  This is not paranoia, this is were this accursed Empire has taken us: to the brink of war.  We in the Saker community are doing all we can to prevent that and to not be a bystander, but we need all the help we can get as things are clearly becoming very ugly right now.

So, my unknown "supporter of real means" - now is the time to really help. If you can, do it.  If you wait any further, it might be too late.

I don't expect Bill Gates or Vladimir Putin to read these words.  But if you are somebody with means and/or power and if can help us in this struggle, then please consider that these words are addressed personally to you.

A few final words for now

Okay, I said all I had to say for the time being.  I will be hard to reach in the next couple of days as I will be scrambling to try to keep together what it took so much time to build.  If you hate my guts for "supporting religious murders" and despise me for speaking about money, please be sure that I am already quite aware of your views.  If you insist, you can post them here, but you will be wasting everybody's time (and if you sincerely want to understand what I stand for, get rid of your idiot-box and re-read what I wrote in a couple of days and it will probably make sense again).

To the many of you who did email me with words of support and encouragement, a big thank you!  You have no idea how much a friendly voice can help a person who is vilified and abandoned by friends.

To all I say this: if we really are a COMMUNITY then it makes sense for me to reach out to all of you to help us all survive this AS A COMMUNITY, together.  There is enough of us, but now we have to pull together if we want to survive and continue the struggle.  I won't be able to do it all alone.

Kind regards and thanks,

The Saker