Sunday, January 18, 2015

Short news: Donetsk, Ingushetia, France, Banderastan

1) The Ukrainian claims that they retook the terminal are false.  The attack was beat back.

2) Contrary Ukrainian claims, Motorola is not dead.  In fact, a radio-intercept of him commanding the counter-offensive tonight (9PM local time) has been posted on YouTube:

3) The Ukrainians do not have the forces needed locally for an effective counter attack.

4) In Ingushetia, 20'000 people too the the streets to denounce the European attitude towards Islam.  They were supported by a Russian Orthodox priest who was invited to take the stage and whose words were recieved with an ovation:

Fr. Andrei Missura addresses Islamic rally in Ingushetia
5)  In France, Jean Marie Le Pen has stated that "may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”, working with the connivance of French authorities".

6) French Uber-Zionist Bernard-Henri Levi has stated that the "Party of Charlie" is now the first party of France.  

7) The Ukrainian Parliament has approved three waves of mobilization for 2015: uring the first wave, some 50,000 people will be called to military service.  The three waves planned in 2015 could bring an additional 104,000 soldiers into the military's ranks, bringing the number of army personnel to 250,000 soldiers.

The Saker