Friday, January 16, 2015

Je Suis Donbass

by Tura Kurkinen.

Propaganda, or more precisely, manipulation of minds is one of the most important elements in modern warfare. One aspect of it is creating enemies, where there are no real enemies. Good example of it was 9/11, a moment that changed our world permanently. After what happened in New York, we saw how new kind of a warfare rapidly took place, the war against terrorism. Very flexible, even though a bit vague, military concept. That concept justifies casualties, slaughtering of innocent civilians, and enormous military budgets. And so, Pandora's box was opened, and this endless war against terrorism continues and escalates all the time, covering true purposes and targets.

In todays world, sometimes it looks like nearly anything can be branded as a terrorism. I wouldn´t be surprised if US, in Washington's endless desire to destroy Russia as a sovereign state, finally brands Russia as a terrorist state, or at least a state that supports terrorism, when supporting Donbass. With the aim to justify possible future war against Russia, and to legitimize Kiev's war crimes and human rights violations, and finally to gain broad international support for everything that took place in the Ukraine, in last year. Unfortunately, that might be happening right now, indirectly. Attempts to declare DPR and LPR as a terrorist organizations have been going on, under the surface of the public, during the last year. If those attempts will be successful, it could mean serious trouble for Donbass and a growing threat to Russia. Declaring DPR and LPR terrorist organizations gives a powerful weapon to the Washington: justification. To be strong, power must find it´s moral ground. But will US find any moral ground for everything what Kiev has done to Donbass? I doubt that. Things are getting gradually out of control, and maybe too many red lines are crossed. In the last year Obama was forced to retreat a bit, from his support to Israel, when public opinion turned against Israel, because of the hundreds of slaughtered children in Gaza missile strikes. It´s impossible to find any justification for slaughtering school-children. And that´s what has also happened in Donbass. In fact, there are also some other similarities between the situation in Ukraine and in Israel. As Israel serves as a foothold for US in the middle-east, Ukraine serves now as a foothold for US in the Eurasia, fully in line with Brzezinski's vision in the Grand Chessboard. And the next victorious move in that chessboard requires legitimacy. Battle for the moral ground is extremely important, if you want to win. But lets abandon the chessboard and change the game to poker. And for now it seems to me, that the best cards are in the hand of Putin, so maybe the end result depends on how those cards are played? In this world of propaganda and counter-propaganda, and half-truths and pure lies, it´s easy to forget that there´s always the truth somewhere there. Thus, there always will be an element, that goes beyond the propaganda. And the moral ground should be based on that.

I believe that the moral ground for Donbass is much more stronger than Kiev's (in fact, it´s very difficult to see any moral ground for Kiev at all), so, it´s important that there will be no factor that can weaken that ground, I mean factor not based on facts and reality. And branding fighters of Donbass as terrorists is exactly that kind of a factor, because mostly they are common men and women, fighting for their land, values and sovereignty. Had America been faithful to her own original values, Americans should and would give their support to Donbass. If there´s no support, no compassion, no concrete help, the world will not turn it´s attention to Donbass. With all due respect, I say that what happened in Paris was wrong and tragic. But what has happened in Donbass, is many times more tragic. And as there´s no justifying to what happened in Paris, there´s absolutely no justifying to what´s happening in Donbass, right now. And there will never be justifying for it. How on earth anyone can justify heavy artillery and ballistic missiles against civilians, against women and children? Even though Washington would manage somehow to brand them as a terrorists, or supporters of terrorism, will that change anything? Of course not, because those people has nothing to do with the terrorism. How can a small child support terrorism? Possibly the logic behind it is exactly same than in Nazi-Germany, during the WWII: because Jewish children will be grown-up Jews someday, they must be eliminated. And Kiev seems to think that if they let the children of Donbass alive, someday they will be terrorists? If this sounds exaggerating, I would like to remind some of the Poroshenkos own words, "when our children go safely to the kindergartens, children of Donbass go to the basements", and when speaking in the US congress about the war in East Ukraine, "it´s a war of civilization against barbarity". Maybe a word "terrorist" is nothing else than the euphemism for a barbarian? But if the bombings of civilians in Donbass are not barbarian, then, what is?

History always repeats itself. That´s why the world should turn its eyes to Donbass. What Donbass needs now, is a public campaign for it. Campaign that has a very clear message to the people of Donbass: you are not alone. A lot of people in Europe were eager to go to the streets after Charlie Hebdo. I want to ask to you: are you eager to go to the streets also for the children of Donbass? And I want to ask to you, you free and accurate and objective western media: are you willing to go to Donbass, and write stories about it´s people, about it´s heroes, about it´s suffering? Are you willing to give a real face to Donbass? And I want to ask to you, all of you famous rock-stars, and actors, and celebrities, who so willingly protest against climate change and support gay-rights, are you eager to support also the children of Donbass? Je Suis Donbass.