Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Listening to Lavrov and remembering the Crusaders (UPDATED!)

I was just listening to Lavrov's reaction to the latest grandstanding nonsense spewed yesterday by Obama.  Lavrov mentioned that it is rather clear that the USA refuse to be even the "first amongst equals".  I had to smile.

Lavrov was referring to the notion of primus inter pares which means just that, "first amongst equals", and which was the primacy of honor the entire Christian world was willing to grant Patriarch of Rome because, at the time, Rome was the capital of the Empire.   But then, just as now, being just the "first amongst equals" was not good enough for the leader of the West which already wanted to subjugate all the other Patriarchates (Alexandria, Antioch,  Jerusalem and Constantinople), soon thereafter, the entire planet (spiritually via the Dictatus papae and secularly via the Treaty of Tordesillas).  Apparently nothing has changed in over 1000 years.  The leader of the "Western World" still wants to be the Pontifex Maximus of the entire planet and the leaders of the East as still resisting him.

The Saker

PS: I forgot to add: and the Latins still want us, people from the East, to shut up, stop reminding them of their historical record - now they want to pretend like we are brothers.  Yeah, brothers like Cain and Abel I suppose - Russia today sure "feels the love", no doubt here.   You are only kidding yourselves...