Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blog news (all of them good this time)

After a week of absolute horrors (more then I can publicly reveal), I can finally come back to report to you some very good news.

First, the French Saker blog is back online, this time with a new domain name and a very good team with many (or possibly most) of those who worked for the original French Saker blog.

Second, my appeal for IT help was heard and I have a world-class team of highly qualified computer professionals who offered their assistance to not only fix the damage done, but also to rebuilt on a sounder and stronger basis.

Third, I have taken the needed legal steps to create a legal umbrella for our community thanks to a kind lawyer who offered to help me pro bono.  All the administrative costs associated with this process (fees, contracts, permits, etc.) have been fully covered by your donations.

Fourth, there are going to be some changes to the way the various Saker blogs will cooperate.  I cannot go into the details yet because they are being discussed, but the basic idea is to replace me as "the one and only guy taking all decisions" with a collegial group of trusted friends.  Not only will "more brains on the job" allow us to hopefully avoid some of the stupid mistakes I did "solo", but it will also allow me to do more of what everybody wants me to focus on: write analyses. 

Fifth, many of you have noticed that is back online.  For the time being, please ignore this as I don't want to interfere in any way with the work of the IT team.  Once they give me their final green light I will let you all know.  Until then, this here will remain the only "official" blog to go to.

Sixth, there will probably be more changes announced soon and I think that they will meet with the approval of most of you.  Stay tuned.

Last but not least, I have been literally flooded with heartfelt emails of support from all over the world and while I did the best I could to answer them, however minimally, I want to express here my deepest gratitude to all those who have been so kind towards me.  You have no idea how vicious and ugly some of the attacks I have been the object of have been, I have discovered a level of hatred, malice and slander I had never experienced before and without your support I never would have had the energy or the courage to continue.  In my entire life I have not felt as disgusted and nauseated as over the past days.  Your support helped me "flush my mental toilet" and evacuate this filth were it belongs.  Not only that, but in this process I have not only found out who my real friends were, but also discovered the kindness and generosity of good people I did not even know before all that.

Finally, and in conclusion, I want to say something to all those who have posted comments here telling me how wrong I was about my "I am NOT Charlie" editorial and subsequent articles.  I have many regrets over many poor decisions I have made in the past, especially trusting the wrong people, but if there is one thing I do NOT regret is to have been one of the very first ones to sound the alarm about the French 9/11 and the subsequence "I am Charlie" psyop.  In fact, I am proud of having been one of the very first ones not only because time will prove that I was right, but because this is what you all "pay me" (in donations or in moral support, or just by visiting the blog) for: to be honest, to call it as I see it, to sound the alarm when something stinks to high heaven, not to remain silent when other run in cowardly fear for their ratings.  The worst episode in my career as a military analyst was one when I sounded the alarm over what I believed what an imminent danger and I was ignored.  Not only that, but my direct superior, who had first signed-off on my report, made a 180 and disavowed me because his own (political) bosses were upset.  I was fired from my position soon thereafter.  But that is not the worst.  The worst came right after: a number of good and innocent people were brutally murdered because my warnings had been ignored by my bosses.  As for my former bosses, they made their own little pseudo-investigation which, of course, white washed them all.  Not a single person got reprimanded or, even less so, fired. But I knew the truth, and my ex-bosses "knew that I knew".  You can imagine how much they feared and hated me.  I got blacklisted in my original country and I had to emigrate far away just to be left alone.

I am telling you all that so you can understand that no amount of vitriol, scorn, bile or ridicule will make me cave in or accept an official narrative when it is clearly full of gaping holes and wrapped in a massive strategic psyop campaign.  Those who today run around with "I am Charlie" signs will feel stupid and cheated once the truth comes out (as it will).  Likewise, those who today naively believe that Europe can either, subjugate, expel or otherwise beat down Muslims (in the EU or abroad) are simply wrong.  It is impossible to do that.  If truly the AngloZionists succeed in creating ex nihilo a clash of civilization between the Muslim world and the West, my money is not on the latter.  The West will lose.

So no, I do not regret for calling the French 9/11, I do not regret denouncing the "I am Charlie" psyop, and I do not regret warning about the immorality, dangers and futility of an Islam-bashing campaign.  I followed my conscience while others just followed their TV sets!

To my detractors my message is simple: Не дождетесь, суки (don't hold your breath, bastards).

To my friends and supporters I have two words: thank you!

The Saker

PS: if I was one of the first ones, I sure am not the only one. Look at this screenshot of informationclearinghouse (whose courage I salute!) and see for yourself that many Americans did learn their lessons from 9/11: