Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ouch - we screwed up...

Remember that great article "by Zakharchenko"?

Well, this is the email I just got from a friend:
Zakharchenko is a smart man and does see the big picture but he has nothing to do with that article. Its author is Eduard Birov (who blogs as "Russkiy Malchik" here: The other publication simply reposted Birov's article and added Zakharchenko's photo.
Birov has been writing a lot in this vein in the last several months. He is also published at TASS-Analitika; a recent example:
I checked.  He is right.

The original publication at for FortRuss points to this page:

Which has a huge photo of Zakharchenko and, at the very bottom, this:

Can you see the tiny line in gray next to the red dot (which I added)?

It points to this page:

Which is the live journal of the real author of this article.  Not Zakharchenko.


Sorry guys.  Call me an idiot and I won't argue.


The Saker