Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Very bad news out of Russia and Novorussia

Oh boy, today is a bad day for sure.  First, the Russian Central Bank has suddenly raised its interest rates from 10,5% to 17%.  I am dubious that this will do much for the Ruble (currently in free fall for many different reasons) but, boy, will that slam the breaks on a Russian economy which needs acceleration!  Not being an expert myself (I did get an MA in International Economics, but that was 30 years ago), I hope to post an expert opinion about that soon, so I will spare you my own half-ignorant guessing about what could happen next.  But from my admittedly amateur point of view, it sure looks to me like this decision will do no good and lots of harm.

Then there is more ugly infighting in Novorussia.  To make a long story short, Motorola was seen shaking hands with the commander of the Ukies at the Donetsk airport.  His gesture, which was an act of officer courtesy, was instantly misrepresented and a ugly PR campaign to trash him was initiated.  The only bright side to this ugly situation was the reaction of Givi who spoke in defense of his friend.  See for yourself:

[Sidebar: the more I see of Givi, the more I like him. He looks awfully young and even innocent, in a good way, but so far I believe that he as shown himself in a very positive light.  I have to admit that I fear for him, as he is playing a very dangerous game with a lot of very experienced and very evil people competing against him]

Yet again we see that the most formidable enemy or Russia is not in the USA or London, but inside Russia.  I don't see how Putin can take more of this without taking some kind of strong action.  I don't mean a coup, of course, but heads need to start rolling (figuratively, of course).  The 5th column needs to be smacked down before or Putin will be in danger himself.

As for the rump-Ukraine, bad stuff is happening there too.  The latest budget proposed by the junta is a recipe for a nightmare: massive social cuts combined with basically all the available money for the military and internal security.  It seems unlikely to me that this could indicate anything else but a firm resolve to resume hostilities and repressions.

I am getting this really bad "pre-explosion" feeling which I hate so much and which I usually experience before something bad happens.  By the way, I saw the info about a nuclear false flag, the info about the Israelis planning to re-settle Khazaria and about the airports being shut down in eastern Ukraine.  I don't buy the first two *at all*, as for the airports this could mean that the Ukie military might want to use them to rapidly bring in reinforcement of troops and equipment, possibly with NATO assistance.  Again, this is consistent with the "Ukies will soon attack" hypothesis.  This might also be away of provoking Russia which might be forced to destroy these airports in order to prevent a sudden surge of Ukie forces in support of an attack on Novorussia.  Not good.

I am still convinced that the AngloZionists are trying to force Russia to intervene in the Ukraine as this is their last hope to trigger a crisis big enough to mobilize as much as the world as possible against Europe.  Just like the sanctions, these latest moves by the Empire would not be so dangerous if Russia was not ruled by two groups fighting for power, one of which is apparently hell-bent on sabotage.

I sure hope that the Eurasian Sovereignists will strike back soon or things will get very bad very soon.

The Saker