Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big and good news!! The Latin-American Saker blog is now officially active!

I had been waiting for this one with great anticipation and finally it has happened!  The Latin American Saker blog is now officially online, up and running at the following URL:

This is nothing short of fantastic as it bring in not just a language, but an entire culture, one of the most diverse and dynamic ones on the planet.  Furthermore, Latin America is, for sure, one of the main poles of resistance to the Empire.  Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua are in the lead, but there is also a very real resistance to Empire in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and many other countries.  And if Brazil is not a Spanish-speaking country, it is very much a crucial member of the "Latin-American brotherhood of nations", not an empty concept, but an ideal felt by many in this wonderful continent.  For a great introduction to the goals and spirit of the Latin American Saker blog, please read the top "welcome" article  ¿Por qué una comunidad Saker en español?

Right now, the focus is on the Ukraine, but we should not forget that the very same struggle is happening elsewhere and with particular intensity in Latin America.  I have very high hopes for these new members of our community and I ask you all to welcome them with the enthusiasm they deserve.

On a sadder note, I have had to "freeze" the Serbian Saker blog because of what is often called "irreconcilable differences of opinion" with its Team Leader.  This is a most unfortunate situation but I hope to have it resolved in a couple of months.  I am right now looking to for a brand new team for the Serbian Saker blog so if you are interested, please email me.

Kind regards to all,

The Saker

PS: I leave you with a wonderful hymn to Latin America sung by Mercedes Sosa: