Wednesday, December 10, 2014

US flag proudly flies over the SBU building in Kiev

Well, we all knew that the last floor of the SBU (the Ukrainian terror police) building in Kiev was fully occupied by US CIA agents and that no Ukrainians access to it.  But this is even better.  Apparently, the US decided to fly its flag on the building's main entrance, just next to the Ukrainian one.  See for yourself:

There is also a video showing the same scene:

The SBU, by the way, is an amazing organization.  In its entire 23 year long history it never caught a single foreign spy (except fake Russian ones, of course). The Russians even made a hilarious video about a SBU "capture" of a FSB agent:

(the video is in Ukrainian so please make sure to press the 'cc' button for English subtitles)

But, seriously now.  Not a single American, or German or Brit.  Not *one*.   In comparison, just in one year (2011) the Russian FSB officially caught 41 foreign spies and 158 Russian citizens who spied for foreign intelligence agencies.  Assuming that 2011 was a 'normal' year, that would be roughly the equivalent of catching 943 foreign spies and 3643 Russian traitors for a 23 year long period.  The SBU caught *zero*.  This is why I call it "terror police" and not "security agency".

But they did kill *a lot* of people, including politicians, journalists and activists.  They are also pros in various torture techniques.

And now the US flag flies over that building.

The entire US intelligence community can be very proud of this.

The Saker