Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The 2014 "Saker's Man of the Year": the Russian soldier

It's this time of the year again when the corporate media engages in the silly "man of the year" exercise and when I offer my own nominations just as a small sign of defiance towards the Imperial propaganda.  Last year, I decided that the title of "Saker man of the year" should go to the Syrian solider without whom neither Russia, nor Iran, nor Hezbollah would have been able to save Syria from the NATO-Wahabi aggression.  I also listed Vladimir Putin as a "runner up" and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah as honored by a "special distinction".  Looking back, I would say that these were very good nominations and I hope that this year I will get it right again.  So here we go.

The 2014 Saker man of the year nomination goes to the masked Russian solider: the "Polite Men in Green" and the Novorussian volunteer.

I decided that, if anybody, the Polite Man in Green deserved this honor because of the absolutely brilliant way he liberated Crimea and protected the Crimean people during the referendum while the Novorussian volunteer deserved the distinction because of the no less brilliant way he defeated a much larger Ukrainian force.

The Polite Man in Green
The Polite Man in Green:

It is often forgotten that the Ukrainians had a very large force on the Crimean Peninsula composed of their best trained and equipped units.  The operation to disarm them all with a minimum of violence was far from being risk free.  Of course, the Ukrainians had no chance to prevail against the Russian Special Forces, but they sure had the manpower and resources to give them a very good fight.  What prevented them from doing so what the lightening speed of the Russian operation as well as the overwhelming force clearly represented by a large number of fully equipped Spetsnaz operators.  Simply put - the Ukrainians understood that they had no chance, none at all, against such a formidable enemy.  The calm but very self-confident behavior of these Polite Man in Green psychologically crushed the Ukrainian will to resist.

But that is not why I wanted to honor these man.  There are, after all, plenty of skill soldiers worldwide.  No, main the reason why I felt that these men deserved to be recognized is because they were truly liberators in the most noble sense of the world.  The AngloZionist Empire and the Nazi junta leader in Kiev had already decided that Crimea was theirs, the USN even had plans to built special facilities on the peninsula and they were all sure that there was nothing the locals could do about it, that they were irrelevant.  The Polite Man in Green proved them wrong: they liberated them and gave them a chance to freely decide their future themselves, they gave them back a dignity which had been taken away from them by Nikita Khrushchev.

The Novorussian volunteer
The Novorussian volunteer:

Here again I am honoring a collective "man", all those who did not wait for an order from above or for somebody else to do the right thing and who decided that I will not stand by and I will fight against the Nazi regime which is trying to oppress my people.

Unlike the Polite Man in Green, the Novorussian Volunteer had all the odds staked against him and even his hope that the Russian Federation would do for Novorussia what she had done for Crimea was soon proven wrong: no Polite Man in Green were sent to Novorussia (or very few).  The Nazis had an overwhelming advantage in firepower, in armor, in artillery, in heavy weapons and they had a total control of the skies, yet - unlike the Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea - the Novorussian volunteer did not let his will to resist be crushed, he fought on, very skillfully, and not only defeated his enemy but even launched a highly successful counter-offensive which was stopped on political grounds but which could have been sustained much further (though probably not as far as some believe it could have).

Together, the Polite Man in Green and the Novorussian volunteer stand against the Empire and its Nazi allies just as the Syrian soldier stood against the Empire and his Wahabi allies.  All of them have proven, yet again, that the most powerful weapon in any conflict still remains the fighting spirit and the individual courage of the fighting man.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinpin
The runner up(s): Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinpin

For a second time I am going to chose Vladimir Putin as the runner up for "2014 Saker Man of the Year", but this time with Xi Jinpin.  Together these two man have taken the unprecedented step for creating something much more complex than just a strategic alliance: they have decided to integrate their two nations in a symbiotic relationship which will truly turn them into a type of "Siamese twins" except that they will share most of their "vital organs" while keeping to separate "heads".  Through a series of huge multi-billion contracts in such key areas as energy and defense (along many more comparatively smaller ones), the Russian and the Chinese leaders have basically decided to "marry" their two nations for a common future.  Not only that, but by not following the US model of hegemonic and planetary full-spectrum dominance Russia and China are now offering a new model of international relations one in which multi-polarity is actively sought, in which security is viewed as collective and in which the sovereignization, not subjugation, of the rest of the world promoted.  Thanks to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinpin, we will probably end up with a new world order, but most definitely not the one envisioned by AngloZionist imperialists and for that I think that they most definitely deserved to be recognized.

Ramzan Kadyrov
Special distinction: Ramzan Kadyrov

For many years already Ramzan Kadyrov has been the driving force behind the Chechen miracle.  Let's remember what Chechnia looked like in 2000: Grozny was in such ruins that many seriously advocated completely abandoning the city and relocating the capital of Chechnia elsewhere.  All the western "experts" predicted that the Chechen insurgency would never be defeated.  Most importantly, it sure looked like Russians and Chechens hated each other with a dark and burning passion.  Fifteen years later, Grozny has turned into a superb city, with the lowest crime rate in Russia, the Wahabi insurgency has been comprehensively defeated, and traditional Sunni Islam is triumphant over Wahabism which has been completely eradicated.  As for the terrorist threat, it has become so low that when in the recent incident a group of Wahabi terrorists penetrated deep inside Grozny the world found out that the city did not even have checkpoints or roadblocks because they had been removed by the authorities a long time ago.

Furthermore, Ramzan Kadyrov fully took on the role of "protector of the Russian people" not only politically, but by getting personally involved in the conflict in Novorussia: many know that Chechen volunteers are fighting against the Nazi forces, but most people ignore that Chechnia is also accepting many Ukrainian refugees who are finding a safe heaven and, for many, a new home in the small republic.

And through this Ramzan Kadyrov arguably achieved his most amazing miracle: whereas by 2000 the Russian people hated and despised the Chechens whom they saw as vicious and evil enemies, nowadays Russian see Chechen as their most courageous and faithful allies.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Ramzan Kadyrov has restored the honor of the Chechen people in a dramatically short period of time.

Needless to say, it is precisely for all these reasons that Kadyrov is absolutely hated by the Empire and its propaganda machine and Kadyrov is presented as a bloodthirsty thug.  Truth be told, Kadyrov certainly did display some very thug-like behavior, especially in the past, but there is a lot more to the man than his natural swagger: he is a deeply principled, religious and patriotic leader who has shown in many difficult circumstances that he as fully inherited his father' wisdom and personal courage.

Now it is your turn.  Who are your men/women of the year 2014?


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