Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blog news update: short break, BIG plans for 2015 and a small request

Dear friends,

Over the next couple of days I am going to try to "life the foot off the gas pedal" and only concentrate on one thing: an "end of year report" combined with an assessment of possible events in 2015.  Other then that, I will not post anything written by me.

I have high hopes that by the Orthodox Nativity (January 7th) the "new new blog" or "new blog v 2.0" shall be ready.

I also have good hopes that the Serbian blog will restart its activities, this time with a completely different team.

Finally, I have some very sweet news to announce.  I am working on a Muslim Saker Blog whose main goal will be to include a Muslim voice into the already diverse Saker community of blogs by presenting a traditional Muslim view on current events and issues and to report on the struggle against Wahabism and the AngloZionist propaganda about Islam.  The members of the Muslim Saker blog will include both Shia and Sunni Muslims (including a Salafi imam).  Finally, I am absolutely delighted to announce that the famous Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran N. Hosein has agreed to participate to the work of the Muslim Saker Blog.  To have the full support of personality of this stature is truly a privilege.

Still, I strongly feel that once voice will be missing: the one of a Russian Muslim, ideally a Chechen or Dagestani one. So here is my request: if you are a Russian Muslim, especially a Chechen or Dagestani, and if you know enough English to work with an English-language team, please contact me at  Alternatively If you have a friend or contact who might be interested, please pass on this request to him/her.  The West knows nothing about the kind of traditional Islam which is now dynamically growing in Russia, especially in the Russian Caucasus, and I think that it is a crying shame.  All you hear is slander against Ramzan Kadyrov, but never an explanation of his views or policies.  Nor do you ever hear a non-Wahabi Russian Muslim voice.  I want to change that.

Ukrainian Nazism and Wahabism are two expressions of the same hate-filled worldview, two tools of the same Empire, to demonic ideologies financed, organized, federated and directed by the same Powers: the AngloZionist 1%er Empire and they are now both targeted at Russia, Orthodoxy and Islam.  Muslims are on the frontline in this battle against the Empire's truly satanic legions, be that in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus or the Donbass and their voice is an absolutely crucial one in the worldwide Resistance against Empire.

This is why the Empire wants to separate us.  And This is why I want us to unite.

Finally, I have a small request. I have recently posted articles by Dagmar Henn and Andreja Vrazalic which both contained controversial political opinions.  I want to continue that and even make the "re-thinking politics" a regular feature of this blog.  This means that I will ask people with all sorts of very different political opinions to share their ideas with us.  By definition some of those ideas will be very different from the ones we hold.  But let's please keep it civil, let's not resort to name-calling, ad hominems and ugly attacks on the authors, okay?  If you disagree, fine.  Post a comment supported by facts and logical analyses.  Even better, write your own essay which I will gladly post.  But let's keep an impeccably polite and courteous tone towards each other and especially towards our guest authors!

That's it for now.  I am going to work on my report which I hope to post here in a couple of days.

Kind regards to all and, for those of you who celebrate the new year on January 1st, happy celebrations and all the best for 2015 (God knows it will be a dangerous one!).

Cheers and kind regards,

The Saker