Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ukrainians inflict a painful defeat on their Russian opponents

Finally, after a long series of humiliating defeats, the Ukrainian Nazis have succeed in scoring a major defeat against their Russian opponents.  True, this did not happen Novorussia and their opponents were already dead.  In fact, the Ukrainian "attack" happened on a cemetery in Australia in Sydney, the Russian and Serbian sections of the Rookwood Cemetery, the biggest in Australia.  Apparently, the attackers did not realize that some of the tombs were Serbian.  Either that, or they decided to make these allies of the accursed Moskal pay for their pro-Russian compatriots fighting against the Nazis in the Donbass.  Whatever may be the case, this probably was a demonstration of Ukrainian martial might in preparation for the upcoming visit of Poroshenko to Australia.

You can see some footage of the defeated Russian and Serbian gravestones by clicking here:

The Australian police after some superb detective work concluded with confidence that "there was no evidence to suggest the crime was motivated by racial or religious hatred".  Apparently, when Nazis desecrate Jewish graves this is a racist hate crime, but when the very same Nazis desecrate Russian and Serbian graves, this has nothing to do with racial or religious hatred.  Okay, fair enough.  If the cops said it, it must be true.

In contrast to the cops, the The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations labeled the attack a hate crime, calling for an investigation "at the highest levels" showing that Ukrainian émigrés have far more honor and decency that the local politicians (I don't blame the cops, really, they say what they are ordered to say).  

Seriously now, the idiots who did that will probably be found.  There must be physical evidence all over the place and they probably were caught on some camera.  I doubt that these were Ukrainians from the Ukraine, but probably local glue-sniffing skinheads.  There is, however, no doubt in my mind whatsoever what inspired these freaks to "attack" Russian gravestones: the unanimous anti-Russian hysteria in the Anglo media worldwide.  So regardless of who actually did the deed, Poroshenko and his Nazi junta still "own" these "supporters".  As does the AngloZionist Empire.

The Saker