Thursday, July 17, 2014

Russian forces fire across the border at Ukie forces retreating from the "southern cauldron"

This video reportedly shows Russian MLRS inside Russia firing salvos at the Ukie forces retreating from the "southern cauldron".  This video was made near the town of Gukovo, inside Russia, and the target(s) are inside the Ukraine:

The Ukies will complain, of course, and the Russian will deny it, of course.  None of which will prevent the Ukies forced for further being wiped off.

By now there is overwhelming evidence that the Ukies forces suffered a strategic defeat and that they are in retreat more or less everywhere.  Curiously, or not, the western MSM seems unaware of that as I have seen no reports about this anywhere.  This might change by tomorrow. Or not :-)

Kind regards,

The Saker