Monday, July 14, 2014

Geopolitics has no place for emotions (very well made video, highly recommended!)

I think that this well made video is a "must watch" at a time when the Ukie junta in Kiev is clearly absolutely desperate to draw Russia into a war: ( please click on 'cc' on the bottom right of the video to see the English subtitles)

If Youtube censors the video under the usual pretext, the you can also see it here.

Now let's see if those who accuse Putin of "betrayal" or "selling out" can bring out a fact-based and logical argument to counter the points made in this video :-)

The Saker 

PS: a special "thank you!" to 'A' from Poland who sent me the video, and to the wonderful team of translators who translated, subtitled and posted this video in a record time (less than one day!).  You guys rock and I am immensely grateful to you all!!  The Saker