Friday, July 25, 2014

Important appeal for help from the "Russian Team"!

Dear fellow followers of The VineyardSaker,

As you know our community of volunteer translators is growing. Almost every day we receive offers from people around the world to help us spread Saker’s articles around. We are truly growing into a great community of like-minded people who want to do something to spread just and fair information to the world. All our linguistic teams work very closely together to produce important material for Saker and our respective websites in a professional and timely manner.

But we still need help! We, the Russian team, appeal to those of you who have the time and enthusiasm to join us.

Since most of us have English as a second language, we need native English speaking people to edit and proofread our translated material. This will tremendously speed up the whole process. With events in Ukraine and other hot spots around the world developing so rapidly, the importance of preparing this urgent material has even more significance.

Please write to us at

Sincerely yours,
The Russian Team

Note from the Saker:

As somebody who can appreciate the absolutely amazing professional-grade work the Russian Team is doing, I want to add my own voice to that plea for help.  I honestly think that there is no overstating the importance of what these "unsung heroes of the information war" are doing to fight the Empire's propaganda.  Also, please keep in mind that not only does this blog get between 38'000 and 48'000 visitors per day (numbers for 17-23 July), but that the documents posted here often get picked up elsewhere in the blogosphere and by some *real* and *honest* journalists and reporters who then use them for their own articles.  In other words, while we cannot compete with multi-million dollar propaganda machines we are making a difference.  So please help us and, especially, help the Russian Team!

Many thanks to all,

The Saker