Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great news! The Saker Blog now also in German

Dear friends,

It is with a huge joy and honor for me to announce that today a group of fantastic friends has launched the German language version of this blog. Here is their announcement:

koennen jetzt den blog des Sakers auf Deutsch lesen - bitte hier anklicken:

Wir suchen noch freiwillige Mitarbeiter zum Uebersetzen - bitte schreibt an:

Just like the Russian and French version, the German version of this blog, the German blog will feature key articles from the original English blog along with original material chosen by the team of editors.  The authors of each article will be clearly identified.  This way of "remixing" or "loose franchising" is, I believe,  greata way of maximize the creativity and talents of everybody involved and to create a diverse community united by a common goal.

I also want to note that for me it is most interesting to observe what I call the spontaneous self-organization of people from different countries (and even continents!) who without being prompted by anybody just decided to spontaneously take action.  I very much see this in the franchising of this blog, but also in the way translations are being made or how SITREP are written.  This is not truly something new, those of you who are in IT and computers probably know that this is the way the Debian community was created and functions today, but it is the first time I personally observe this and I am absolutely amazed.  This self-organization is working so smoothly that I don't even know how many people are involved (somewhere down the road I will try to figure that out, but right now I am too busy).

In conclusion I want to say this:  if you want to help, to participate, just do it, literally.  Don't wait for somebody to tell you what to do or to give you any kind of permission.  Just do whatever you can and then offer your product/services to others.  This is how Mindfriendo began his SITREPs.

As some have commented early on, this is not sprint, but a very long marathon.  What is happening is nothing short of a worldwide struggle to finally stop and bush back the Empire.  We all can be part of that effort, no matter where we live or what we do.  There is never "too little work" or "nothing to do".  While we don't have fleets of bombers, billions of dollars or memberships in Skull & Bones, we all can contribute our little "pinprick" against the System.

Let's give the AngloZionist Empire the death by million small cuts!

The Saker