Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 26th combat SITREP by Juan

1. Fighting in The Cauldron continues. самообороны (self defense forces) continue to reinforce against the ukes surrounded in The Cauldron. Today the border crossing at Marinovka was secured. The orks in The Cauldron are now completely surrounded and cut off.

2. Almost 100 Ukes in The Cauldron have run for the Russian border and crossed in to Russia. самообороны are not happy that these terrorist ukes who were perfectly happy to terrorize and shoot innocent civilians have run to Russia, their 'hated enemy', for safety when they had to fight real soldiers. By international law the ukes must be interned for the duration of the conflict and their possible involvement in war crimes investigated.

3. Moral in Army of Novorossiya is very high. In the attached video you can see the special bond that forms between men who have fought together.

4. The Ukes are again using white phosphor arty shells, in direct defiance of international law and Geneva Convention which Ukeland signed almost 20 years ago banning the use of white phosphor bombs and artillery shells.

5. Lugansk and Donetsk cities proper are being shelled daily and nightly by MLRS and arty, the largest of arty is 20.3 cm howitzers. That's 8" guns for you who are not metric familiar.

6. One of the identified killers from the Odessa Trade Union Building massacre has been captured by самообороны 3 days ago near Lugansk.

7. A group of Uke mothers are trying to arrange an exchange of Uke held prisoners for their sons trapped in The Cauldron. Past experience has shown that prisoners released by самообороны have immediately gone back to their units and continued to fight самообороны. Perhaps the mothers should have raised their sons a bit better so the sons would not be fighting their own brother citizens in a civil war.

8. The rumors of Russian units crossing the border to Novorossiya with dozens of armored vehicles and many soldiers are patently false. There are no serving Russian soldiers in Novorossiya nor has Russia provided large numbers of armored vehicles or artillery. Novorossiya has captured what they have from Uke units.

9. Information of large contingents of Polish volunteers serving with Uke units are unconfirmed. Polish ID and equipment was found at the sight of the IL shoot down but no bodies were located at that time.

10. Information has been found implicating the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, of being involved extensively in the planning and execution of false flag 'terrorist' operations in Ukraine to be blamed on Novorossiya. This is the same Geoffrey R. Pyatt who was extensively involved in the coup d'etat that installed the current illegal government in Ukraine. The information is not 100% confirmed at this time. Further investigations are being done concerning this information.

11. Extensive partisan actions are extant in the occupied areas of Novorossiya. Almost daily, and nightly, attacks are being made on Uke units in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Selemovka and other occupied areas.

12. Partisan activities are frequent in Kharkov Oblast and in the Mariupol district of Novorossiya. Sabatoge of Uke AFV's is also becoming more common in the Kharkov area. Refurbished tanks and BTR's seem to frequently have inoperable motive and sighting systems. One T64 tank is known to have had a catastrophic failure of the main gun breech system on firing it's first round resulting in the loss of the tank commander and gunner.

13. The humanitarian situation in some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk Cities proper and outlying cities and towns is serious. No water, no electric, no sewage, no gas. Shops and magazines are closed, food is difficult to obtain.

14. The Ukes will close all borders with Russia by 01 August. This will make the refugee situation worse. The only way out will be the perilous journey from Donetsk to Lugansk and thence to the borders with Russia. The southern route to Krimea will to all intents and purposes cease to exist.

15. The political situation seems to be worsening. Rumor of the demands to allow Australian and Dutch 'police' to secure the shoot down area of MH17 are extant. It would be foolish for the Army of Novorossiya to accede to these demands. This would be the NATO 'foot in the door' and will lead to an extensive NATO presence in Ukraine. This presence will lead to war between Russia and NATO. Is this July 2014 or July 1914?

16. The airports in Lugansk and Donetsk are still in the hands of the Ukes. They are surrounded and under attack with some of their best units relegated to static defense. It is expected that with the elemination of The Cauldron the pair of aerodromes are next to be crushed.

17. Confirmed reports of one hospital in Kharkov receiving 50 to 60 wounded Uke troops a day. Note, that is just one hospital. It is possible that the Ukes are not telling the truth about their losses.

18. Just in, confirmed reports of more Uke troops in The Cauldron running for the Russian border. Number is reported to be in excess of 200, unit unknown.

19. Army of Novorossiya will not win every engagement they are involved in. Casualties will increase as the army attacks the uke occupiers. You will notice from the video attached that many of the Novorossiya Army soldiers are not young. Many are veterans who have decided to serve for Novorossiya. As has been stated, 'Freedom' is not free. The cost in blood and tears is very high. That cost will be paid and the reward will be Freedom. Of this I have no doubts.