Monday, April 14, 2014

What do you see on this video? Russian secret agents?

According to Obama, the Kerry, Samantha Power, Jen Psaki and the rest of the US 1%ers, most members of the UN Security Council and according to the EU clowns at the OSCE or PACE, what you are seeing in this video is: "Russian agents creating chaos were there was none and spreading hatred".

According to the freaks of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, what you see are terrorists.

According to me, what you see is simple civilians willing to stand up in front of a tank with their car and their bodies to stop it.  What I hear them say is "who the hell do you plan to shoot at?  Stop the engine!  Stop the engine!  What are you pulling your assault rifle out for?  Do you think that if we jump on your tank it will protect you?".  Judging by the copious amount of cursing the civilians are really very mad because they are suspecting that this tank is headed for the city of Slaviansk.  I would add that the poor tank crew is clearly frightened and ashamed and the tank commander does the only right thing: he climbs out of the tank, begs to crowd not to touch it (he is personally responsible for it) and tries to convince the crowd that they did not plan to shoot anybody.  The tank commander looks like a nice young guy placed in an impossible situation, and I hope that the civilians will understand that.  They are angry because initially the tank crew tried to avoid them.  The good news is that I clearly hear a voice saying "stop screaming! stop screaming!" to try to cool down the angry crowd.  And no, I don't see any Spetsnaz GRU in disguise or any sign of Russians at all.

Decide for yourself what you see:

One more thing.  The tank sounds like it has some transmission problem (though not being an armor person I am not sure).  It sure is an old tank.  But what is absolutely certain, is that basic military tactic categorically forbids sending a lone tank cruising around the countryside.  If these civilians had been military, even without anti-tank weapons, they could have easily set this tank on fire.  In other words, what I see here is not anything remotely looking like a military assault on the city of Slaviansk, but complete total chaos.

The Saker