Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Listening to Yulia, thinking about al-Sahhaf

I have been listening to a long monologue by Yulia Timoshenko on the Ukrainian TV and I am left speechless.  Here is what she says: (summary, not exact quote)
The Russians have sent in their agents to attack the authorities in the eastern Ukraine and seize the weapons caches to then give them to their sympathizers.  What the Russians want is to scare us to accept their plan: to turn the Ukraine into a Russian colony.  We have to form a new military, a parallel army of volunteers which will beat them back.  Then we will negotiate with Putin from a position of force.  Our new military will never allow the occupants to get to Kiev.  We will engage in a pubic advertisement campaign to ask for volunteer contributions to pay for it.  We have to be strong!!
OMG - I don't know whether I should howl of laughter or sob in despair about that kind of crazy nonsense.  From her tone and choice of metaphors, she has gone completely hysterical.  The scary thing is that nobody dared to tell her that he entire plan is not absolutely crazy and laughable, but simply a non-starter: you cannot create a armed ex-nihilo in days, week or months.  It takes *years* and *a lot* of *money* to do that.

I think that the freaks in power are either completely insane, or totally out of touch with reality, or they are liars who know that they are lying, but who are getting something from it.

Frankly, listening to Yulia on Ukie TV I thought that she is much, MUCH more ridiculous than Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf and Saddam Hussein with their delusions about a "Mother of All Battles".


The Saker