Thursday, April 3, 2014

And what where Russia's "Orthodox brothers" doing in the meantime?

Do you know the feeling when a sentence just jumps at you from a page?  This is what happened to me today.  I was reading a post on RT entitled "Russia wants answers on NATO troop movement in Eastern Europe" when I suddenly saw this:
The statement comes after the USS Truxtun destroyer started a military exercises in March with the Bulgarian and Romanian navies a few hundred miles from Russian forces of the Black Sea Fleet.
Yeah.  Typical.  While Russia freed the people Crimea from the imminent danger of being literally occupied by Uniate Neo-Nazis "Banderites" Russia's "Orthodox brothers" were busy training with the US and NATO in the Black Sea.

Personally, I fully and totally agree with Ms Nuland and I think that Russia should - and will - turn to Asia (central, south and east) and Latin America for its future.

With such friends as "Slavs" (think Poland) or "Orthodox" (think Bulgaria), who needs enemies?

Serbia is the only real friend Russia ever had - or will have again - in the West.

The Saker