Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The only reaction I got from Bosnian-Muslims so far

This is the full text of the only email I got from a Bosnian-Muslim in reaction to my recent interview with Nebojsa Malic: (full text, not excerpt)
I just wish upon you and female members of your family same "gentle" treatment we Bosnians got from your genocidal Serbian thugs, no more and no less.
And yes, we are Bosnians regardless of what you or your genocidal buddies say!

And you claim that you can think and understand number of languages, what a joke!
My reply was: (full text again)
Dear xxxxx,
Thank you for your email.  Would you be interested in post a rebuttal to Nebojsa Malic's article?  If yes, I will gladly publish it.  Please let me know.
Many thanks and kind regards,
The Saker
I never heard from this person again.

Which just proves to me that the topic of the war in Bosnia is still seen by many Bosnian-Muslims as a dogma which cannot be discussed and that any deviation from the official narrative is a sacrilegious heresy for which the author should be hated and ostracized. 

Too bad.  Hysterics and hatred are not convincing arguments, nor are they helpful for the understanding of a complex issue.

I would say that the Bosnian-Muslims are by far the biggest losers of the war in Bosnia.  Sure, for the time being, they have the protection (of sorts) of the EU and Uncle Sam.  But for how long?  The Bosnian-Croats have their back covered by Croatia.  The Bosnian-Serbs have their back (more or less) covered by Serbia (and with time this coverage will get better).  Who has the back of the Bosnian-Muslims?  Albania?  Kosovo?  Camp Bondsteel?  The Saudis?

A civil war cannot be won, but it can be lost and the least one should do is to learn from mistakes and understand the mechanisms which brought it about.  I am shocked by how little serious "lessons learned" exercises the Muslim world has made after the Bosnian debacle.

Hopefully, this will change with time.

In the meantime, my offer stands: if a Bosnian-Croat or Bosnian-Muslim wants to offer his reply to the question I submitted to Malic, and if this reply is at least minimally coherent and not just a long stream of insults, I will *gladly* publish it here.

The Saker