Monday, February 10, 2014

Homo logic applied to the Olympics and sports in general

This morning I was watching the pairs figure skating when it suddenly hit me: the couples were always one man and one woman.  How reactionary!  After all, the homo lobby wants to be called the LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.  Okay.  But then, there is also an "asexual" or "non-sexual" community out there.  They even have a cool little website out there.  According to Wikipedia, that community can be subdivided in the following subcategories:
  • aromantic: lack of romantic attraction towards anyone
  • biromantic (also ambiromantic): romantic attraction towards men and women (but not necessarily at the same time) , or romantic attraction towards two or more genders – the romantic aspect of bisexuality
  • heteroromantic: romantic attraction towards person(s) of a different gender – the romantic aspect of heterosexuality
  • homoromantic: romantic attraction towards person(s) of the same gender – the romantic aspect of homosexuality
  • panromantic: romantic attraction towards person(s) of every gender – the romantic aspect of pansexuality
  • polyromantic: romantic attraction towards multiple, but not all, genders. The romantic aspect of polysexuality.
  • andromantic, gyneromantic, and ambiromantic: romantic attraction towards person(s) expressing masculinity or femininity or intersex/third gender-mixing (respectively) without implying the gender of the individual experiencing the attraction; often used by asexuals with a non-binary gender identity. The romantic aspect of androphilia, gynephilia, and ambiphilia.
  • demiromantic or demisexual: a person who may identify as "grey romantic" or a "grey asexual", respectively, because they may feel romantic attraction or sexual attraction once a reasonably stable or large emotional connection has been created
But to keep things simple, let's just add an "A" to the LGBT designation and make it into LGBTA.  What does that mean for sports?

I think that, logically, the old-fashioned and thoroughly "passé" paradigm of men, woman and man+woman couple should be replaced by a much for natural and forward looking:
  1. man (hetero)
  2. man (homo)
  3. man (bi)
  4. man (asex)
  5. woman (hetero)
  6. woman (homo)
  7. woman (bi)
  8. woman (asex)
  9. trans 
I think that this covers all the basics.  And then, for pairs, would could either also use these basic categories or, which is much more fun and "diverse", we could make a matrix of all the possible combinations.  That would initially complicate things, but it would also generate some memorable and refreshingly new events like, "man (asex) + trans" or a "man (bi) + woman (asex)" pairs skating.

A big problem with that system is that it discriminates against gender-identities which society reproves of, like pedophiles or hebephiles which, for the time being, is okay, but which, considering the speed at which yesterday's "bad" is declared today's "good", might be a problem tomorrow.  So I suggest leaving a few empty spots for tomorrow's paraphilia.

It is high time for us to break free from the confining categories of the old man-dominated system of patriarchal oppression and that we finally give the right to all the beautiful diversity of mankind peoplekind to freely blossom!

The Saker

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