Saturday, February 1, 2014

In the meantime, on the "Ukrainian front"

According to the BBC Western leaders are having a great time in Munich: they are re-igniting the Cold War under the pretext of - what else? - "supporting democracy" in the Ukraine:
European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said the "future of Ukraine belongs with the EU" while US Secretary of State John Kerry said the US backed Ukraine's "fight for democracy".(...) Mr Van Rompuy's opening speech referred to the EU's offer of close association with Ukraine. "The offer is still there and we know time is on our side. The future of Ukraine belongs with the European Union," he said. Mr Kerry launched a broad attack on "a disturbing trend in too many parts of Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans". He said: "The aspirations of citizens are once again being trampled beneath corrupt, oligarchic interests - interests that use money to stifle political opposition and dissent, to buy politicians and media outlets, and to weaken judicial independence." Mr Kerry added: "Nowhere is the fight for a democratic, European future more important today than in Ukraine. The United States and EU stand with the people of Ukraine in that fight." He said the "vast majority of Ukrainians want to live freely in a safe and prosperous country - they are fighting for the right to associate with partners who will help them realise their aspirations". In an apparent swipe at Moscow, he added that "their futures do not have to lie with one country alone, and certainly not coerced". (...) The White House has confirmed it is discussing possible sanctions against Ukraine with the US Congress. Before arriving in Munich, Mr Kerry said that concessions from President Viktor Yanukovych had "not yet reached an adequate level of reform".
Ain't that something?  When Yanokovich does exactly *nothing* to stop the neo-Nazi rioters from burning cops, seizing government buildings, threatening to "go on the attack", calling for the overthrow of the government and openly calling for the intervention of foreign powers the West considers that as "trampling upon democracy".  But when Eltsin orders his tank to shoot at the Russian Parliament and kills thousands of civilians the West gives him full support.

Go figure....  Democracy is so complicated to understand....

In the meantime, Yanukovich has made it known that he has the flu and that he needs some time off to recover.  Seriously, I kid you not.  The Ukraine is on the edge of a civil war, and that fat clown is on "sick leave".

Which raises a question in my mind: who is the most despicable person and the most pathetic President - Eltsin and his vodka or Yanukovich with his flu?

Now, there is good news coming from the Crimean Peninsula: the government of the Crimea and authorities of the city of Sevastopol have come to a full agreement.  They have jointly decided to create and mobilize a "citizen militia" which will act in support of the Peninsula's police forces.  In other words, the Crimean authorities are preparing to secede from the Ukraine if the regime in Kiev falls.  Furthermore,  they are preparing to defend Crimea against any possible attempt by the nationalist to take it by force.  Truly, they have no choice in this matter because the nationalists all want to kick out the Black Sea Fleet form Sevastopol, revoke the special status of the Crimean Peninsula, and "Ukrainify" it.  For the people of Crimea a nationalist coup in Kiev is truly an existential threat.

As for Russia, I can only repeat what I wrote earlier: Russia will not directly intervene in this conflict.  The only exception to this principle would be a violent attempt by nationalists to seize Crimea by force.  In that case there is no doubt in my mind that Russia will intervene militarily, even at a risk of a confrontation with NATO.

Personally, I think that the West will order the nationalists to refrain from trying to take Crimea by force.  Whether these rabid psychopaths will listen is anybody's guess.

The Saker