Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"The Fifth Estate" is a disgusting and vicious attempt at discrediting Julian Assange (UPDATED)

I normally don't do movie reviews here, but after watching "The Fifth Estate" yesterday I felt that I ought to warn everybody that this is a crude hatchet job clearly aimed at maliciously slandering Julian Assange and, through him, his defiance of our "1%" overlords.

A quick visit on Wikipedia showed me that there was some "controversy" around the movie.  I will let you read that section yourself, but let me tell you that the truth is infinitely worse than what Wikipedia might suggest.

As in most Anglo movies, the setup is clearly "good guys" versus "bad guys".  The viewer immediately "gets it" that "good guy #1" is Daniel Berg.  Fair enough, since the movie is based on his book.  But then, the list gets longer.  Other "good guys" include:
  • The organizers of a hacker conference (which Assange rudely interrupts)
  • Daniel's paramour (who clearly hates Assange)
  • Daniel's parents (to whom Assange is rude)
  • A reporter from The Guardian (who, unlike Assange, stands for "real journalism")
  • Some White woman in a senior position in the White House (representing a "caring" government official and a "minority" - women)
  • Some Black guy also in a senior position in the White House (also representing a "caring" government official and a "minority" - Blacks)
  • Some Libyan traitor who spies for Uncle Sam (who is put in grave danger because of Assange)
So if you did not get it yet, let me help you a little:

Hackers good - Assange bad
Paramours good - Assange bad
Old folks good - Assange bad
Corporate media journalists good - Assange bad
US Government good - Assange bad
US Government good - Assange bad
Traitors who sell out to Uncle Sam good - Assange bad

As for Assange, he is a fanatic who does not care for the consequences of his actions, he is rude to everybody, he is narcissistic and insecure, and he is also a megalomaniac and a psychopath.  The entire world of "good guys" (see above) are trying to hammer some reason into him, alas - in vain.  Assange crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.

There is one funny thing about this otherwise sickening propaganda movie: the lines delivered by Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays Assange) are totally convincing, at least to me.  Whether this shows an attempt at "balance" on the part of the director or whether this is an expression of my own alienation from society is unclear.  But to me, the Assange in the movie wins every single argument.

Bottom line: regardless of who ordered that movie from Bill Condon - it is a sickening propaganda movie whose sole purpose is to discredit Assange and to show him (and everything he stands for) as a dangerous lunatic.  Our imperial overlords have done everything to isolate and crush Assange who is now holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK and gradually forgotten by everybody.  But even that was not good enough for them. Now to further make him pay they have come up with a full-length movie whose sole purpose is to convince us that our governments are basically good and worthy of respect and gratitude, while Assange is an irresponsible psychopath.

One man alone against a planetary system of power based on violence and lies.  This is how I see this plot.  If anything, this movie has convinced me that Julian Assange is a true hero who deserves our respect, gratitude and support.  As for the scumbags who made money for smearing him - let history judge them.

The Saker

UPDATE: for Assange's take on this movie see here: http://wikileaks.org/First-Letter-from-Julian-Assange.html