Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What is wrong with the Brits as soon as they look at Russia?!

The Brits are going totally overboard with Russophobia.  Check out the intro to this Guardian article:
A brutal crackdown may be coming for Russia's renewed opposition. The growing sense of unrest in Russia may lead Vladimir Putin to take drastic and possibly violent action.
While they are at it, why don't they add that Putin may eat babies of breakfast, the Russian military may be about to nuke Monaco and that Russian Nazis may be busy planning the next Holocaust?

Amazing, even the US press does not hallucinate that way.   I mean, sure, the crazies at the Jamestown Foundation will continue to predict that a "resurgent Russia" will "threaten the world" with its huge army, bloody secret services, evil Mafia thugs, etc.  But that kind of crap has very little traction in the USA were most Americans - with the exception of the Zionists, of course - view Russia with a mix of curiosity and amused sympathy (at least that is my highly subjective observation).  But not so in the UK.

I don't know if Berezovsky and his minions are paying for these articles, but I frankly doubt it.  There seems to be a "Russophobic consensus" in the British elites, from the yellow press, to the government, to the think tanks, everybody just seems to fear and hate Russia on principle.  And a strong Russia is really the most loathed and feared one, of course.

I wonder if the Brits resent the fact that they lost the bulk of their empire while Russia did not?  Or is it because the UK is the USA's "poodle" whereas Russia is independent?  Or do the British elites feel that by going totally overboard with Russia bashing they will get brownie-points from their bosses in the USA and Israel?

I looked up this Julia Pettengill whose nightmares the Guardian saw fit to print and it turns out that she is the co-chair of the Russia Studies Centre at the Henry Jackson Society, which is the British equivalent of the US NED.  Ok. so we are dealing with professional Russia-bashers here, probably a front for the usual suspects (CIA/MI6).  Look at their homepage:

Clearly, these folks are serious about Russia and the so-called "opposition" (nevermind that it could not even get 10'000 people out in the streets of Moscow for something which they had planned as a "March of the Millions" [plural]).  As for Ms Pettengill, she also pens Russia-bashing articles for a wide spectrum of outlets including the Huffington Post and the Weekly Standard (some combination, no?).

Sadly, it appears that the West or, at least, the Anglo-West will get its way and that another Cold War with Russia is in the making.  With Putin in power for the next 6 years we can be quite confident that the Anglo-Zionist empire will not get its way at all.  Combine that with a full-spectrum weakening of the USA and its "allies" (poodles) and you get the all the ingredients for a new, resentful and vitriolic anti-Russia propaganda campaign by the Western corporate press.

The good news this time around is that the West's bark is now far more powerful than its rather lame bite.  Unlike Ms Pettengill, Vladimir Putin will not have any nightmares to scare him anytime soon.

The Saker