Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Very candid statement from Israel's Deputy Prime Minister

In an interview with Russia Today Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor has called Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, the "Axis of Unholy Lands":
Syria is the only Arab country that is ally with Iran.  The axis that was built between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, the Unholy Lands, should I call it. ­This is a very bad and dangerous axis against us and all the Arab countries. In that respect this alliance between Iran and Syria is broken – this is good for peace, not bad.
Well there we have it straight from the horse's mouth: the Shia are in the cross-hairs of US/Israeli Empire and the civil war in Syria is "good for peace" i.e., good for Israel.

You gotta give it to Dan, the expression "Axis of Unholy Lands" is neat.  First, the "Axis" will always elicit the correct response from the doubleplusgoodthinking folks who watch TV and have been thoroughly brainwashed by Zio-propaganda.  Say "Axis" and they see swastikas, SS skulls, Mussolini raising his chin to the sky, etc.

Then, "Unholy Lands" is a wonderful contrast with "Holy Land" which the Israelis, of course, conflate with their racist regime and a Palestinian-free "Jewish Homeland".

The achieved effect is perfect: the Shia are assimilated to the Nazis while Israel is "holy".  Very, very neat.

After Dubya's "Axis of Evil" (well, really David Frum's, of course) we now have Danny's "Unholy Axis".

Same old, same old.