Monday, May 7, 2012

Western (pseudo-) "democracy" at its best

Great article by the BBC online today:
Greek conservative Antonis Samaras has three days to form a coalition, faced with EU warnings to keep to the tough terms of international bailouts.
Two-thirds of Greek voters backed parties opposed to the EU/IMF deal, renewing fears that Athens may default on its debts and leave the eurozone.
Germany's Angela Merkel has made clear that Greece's reforms must go on.
 Is that only me, or is there some kind of bizarre disconnect here?

Let's read it again.

TWO THIRDS of the Greeks voted AGAINST the pro-financier political parties, yet its the CONSERVATIVE leader which has three days to create a new ruling coalition (presumably maxed out 1/3 of the popular vote?) and the sacking of Greece (aka "reforms") MUST go on?

Hey, what about vox populi?  Have the European ruling elites now officially given up any pretense of "democracy".  2/3 of Greeks vote "no" and the reply by the elites is "hell yeah!!".

Europe is rapidly loosing its thin veneer of sovereignty and openly turning to a pathetic colony, as bad as any African colony was in the 19th century.  This is not a situation which can be remedied by votes or demonstrations.  Greece, and any other country in Europe which does not want to be a US colony, needs a revolutionary independence movement because the ruling elites will not be simply voted out of office.  Only an insurrection will toss them out of power.

Where are the color-coded revolutions when we need them? (just kidding, of course!)

The Saker