Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revelation: Russian Navy officers demanded the dismissial of Serdiukov already FOUR times!

According to information published in the Russian press, it has now appeared that the union of Professional Navy Officers has written to President Medvedev no less than 4 (four!) times to demand the dismissal of Defense Minister Serdiukov.

"It would be wrong to say that we supported the paratroopers. Even before the incident with the Airborne Forces, 14 September, we sent a fourth letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, to draw his attention to the distressing situation of retired military personnel and the situation in the army in general ", - said Navy Captain A. Krasik. He noted that the sailors are not interested in conflict Serdyukov with Colonel Krasov. "This is a mundane issue, it is of no interest to us, we are more interested in what Serdyukov has turned the armed forces into his joint-stock company", - said chairman of the Union of Professional Navy Officers. "We do not demand the resignation of a Serdyukov, the people are demanding this, and we are simply supporting their demands. People like Serdyukov come and go, but for the fact that he had disarmed state and destroyed the military infrastructure, Serdyukov should be subjected to criminal prosecution ", - concluded A. Krasik.

Wow!  And the totally useless press in the so-called "West" is totally missing these amazing events...

Let's sum things up so far:

1) The military inteligence (GRU) hates Serdiukov
2) The Spetsnaz hate Serdiukov
3) The Airborne Forces hate Serdiukov
4) The Navy hates Serdiukov

Well, something tells the rest of the armed forces are not exactly in love with that overweight swine either.

I can tell you who is quite happy with Serdiukov: the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) forces since they get all the money which is taken away from the Military. (The MVDshniki have been spent on lavishly since Putin and Medvedev came to power).  Them, and the FSB (ex-KGB) of course, the alma mater of Putin.

Amusingly, the street cops are also pissed too since they are increasingly put under pressure by the regime for their corruption, abuses of power, drunken accidents, abuse of suspects, etc.  The MVD+FSB duo has been cracking down on them pretty strongly in the recent months.

Anyway, I wonder who in the armed forces will be next to openly speak up against Serdiuko?

Make no mistake - the Kremlin has enough resources and power in the MVD+FSB structures not to have to fear a real open rebellion military.  If they want, they can crack down on it and organize a grandiose purge in 24 hours.  But Russia is not the Soviet Union any more, and there is a real risk of political backlash.  The public opinion cannot be simply ignored as it was in the Soviet era and, just like in the USA, the military represents a (potentially) formidable *political* force which can make things very bad for the current regime.  This is why I believe that Serdiukov's days as Minister of Defense are numbered.  He will be probably "promoted" to some cozy (and well paid) position way from the military.

I will try to keep you posted.

The Saker