Sunday, July 25, 2010

Venezuela summons an urgent UNASUR extraordinary meeting

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that Venezuela will call for “an immediate” political council of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) to denounce Colombias recent aggression against Venezuela.

“We call for an immediate political council of UNASURs ministers of Foreign Affairs to denounce and discuss Colombias aggression currently released towards my country, and we expect that UNASUR condemn such aggression,” he said during a press conference.

Regarding Colombias Ambassador Luis Alfonso Hoyos intervention to the Organization of American States (OAS), Maduro said “this had never seen before; a bully has been welcomed to sit at the table; he is a sniper expressing a two-hundred-year hate of the Colombian oligarchy.”

He added that he ordered the withdrawal of the Venezuelan Ambassador to Colombia, Gustavo Márquez, and all the Venezuelan Embassys staff. He also said an official letter has been delivered to the business representative of the Republic of Colombia to Venezuela to withdraw all Colombian staff from the country within the next 72 hours.”

Maduro stressed that full respect based on the cessation of political and mass media aggression against his country is the only way to restore Venezuela and Colombias diplomatic relations

“All these political and mass media aggressions against our country must stop to their full extent and it must be done immediately. Additionally, full respect is necessary to further truly restore the prosperous relations based on mutual respect,” he said.

Earlier, Hoyos had displayed pictures of the jungle allegedly obtained from computers that had been delivered by ex rebels. Google Earths maps were also displayed, featuring the coordinates of Colombian rebels allegedly in Venezuelan territory, as Hoyos affirmed. Overall, this was presented by the outgoing government of President Álvaro Uribe as pieces of evidence.

The pictures portrayed guerrilla members eating in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by trees, and roasting pork. Videos were also presented, displaying images of Iván Márquez taking a bath.

Regarding the alleged presence of Colombian rebels reported in Venezuelan territory, Alfonso Hoyos showed pictures of alleged victims of Colombias Revolutionary Armed Forces attacks that took place on June 20, during Colombias presidential run-off, where Uribes former Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos was elected.

Later on, Venezuela and Colombias relation break-off was announced by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez after strongly denying Colombias accusations of the alleged presence of paramilitary groups in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan leader remarked “we have no choice but to break off diplomatic relations with the fraternal Republic of Colombia.”

Chávez regret the decision, considering that Colombia is deeply in his heart, because he feels Colombian,” but reaffirmed he can not allow the Colombian oligarchy to continue launching attacks to Venezuela. That oligarchy “has always bet on the divisions caused by war,” it continues disrespecting the Venezuelans.