Monday, July 12, 2010

The proof that the 11 Russian spies were not spies at all

Look what I just found in The Guardian:

The youngest and most glamorous of Russia's 10 self-confessed spies, Anna Chapman, triggered the FBI swoop when she made an anxious phone call to her father in Moscow saying she was worried that her cover had been blown.

She did WHAT?!?!?!? An international phone call to *Moscow*?!?!?!

That is really the ultimate proof not only that Anna Chapman was no spy, but that Anna Chapman was even ignorant of the well-known fact that 100% of all communications in the USA (voice, data, fax, email, etc.) is intercepted by the USA and that international phone calls are intercepted by several countries. For a so-called "illegal" spy to pick up the phone and call her daddy in Moscow is the equivalent of a hunted fox to paint a bull's eye on its back, climbing on top of a mound and screaming for the hunters to come and kill it.

I really don't get it. AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE BIG WIDE WORLD WHO SEES THROUGH THIS CRAP? Why is everybody taking this idiotic fairytale seriously?

The Saker