Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Create Supremacists? and How to Manufacture Consent to Genocide?

from the Respect-Discussion blog:

Proud Terrorist Hunter Infant Bodysuit

Did you everwonder how manipulation and brainwashing works?

Did you ever wonder how could people take part (even by their silence) in acts of genocide?

This is a collection of items below will give you an idea.

These items are for sale, on a UK website, CafePress

The items include -in their own words- " Baby Bodysuits > Anti Islam Baby Bodysuits "
and "Anti Islam designs available on 1,760 products"

"Jew designs available on 4,420 products"

Browsing through the collection, I guess you would know which items come from the "anti- Islam" section and which come from "Jewish" collection

Just to get an idea how "wonderful" freedom of speech might be, please replace:

Muhammed" with "Rabbi"

with Judaism

with Jew

with Talmud
with Muslim

Then read what you see out loud, then tell me how it feels!

Mohammed Sucks Dark T-Shirt End Islam Jr Ringer T-Shirt Mohammed Cartoon Black T-Shirt The heat makes them nuts! White T-Shirt Wanted...72 Virgins White T-Shirt Give Peace a Chance Infant/Toddler T-Shirt Dark T-Shirt

Islam Religion of peace Sticker (Rectangle) White T-Shirt

Muck Fuslims White T-Shirt

Islam White T-Shirt

Muslims Da Bomb Tagless T-Shirt (G)
Does this bomb make my butt look big? Magnet
more anti islam anti muslim Ash Grey T-Shirt Stop Islamofascism Black T-Shirt Yellow T-Shirt
Future Rabbi Infant Bodysuit Kiss Me: Jewish & Italian Infant Bodysuit Support Isreal Infant Bodysuit Tehran Forecast Infant Creeper
Support The War Against Terro Infant Bodysuit

Ahmadinejad Can Kiss My Ass Bib I Love My Jew Infant Bodysuit

ALLAH SUCKS Infant Bodysuit
The Bible and Israel Organic Baby Bodysuit Stop Hezbollah Infant Creeper Jewlicious Infant Bodysuit Hunt Dead - Hunt Dead - Osama Bin Laden Infant Bod Bomb Iran Bib Terrorist Pig Organic Baby Bodysuit Proud Terrorist Hunter Infant Bodysuit Hezbollah SUCKS Infant Creeper Jewrusalem Israel Infant Bodysuit Stop Hamas Infant Bodysuit
Homegrown Terrorist Infant Bodysuit I Love JEWS Infant Bodysuit Islam Religion of Peace Infant Bodysuit Prayer Warrior! Infant Creeper I Stand With Israel Infant Bodysuit Super Israeli/Jew Organic Baby Bodysuit Incoming Infant Creeper Soft on Terror Infant Bodysuit

Osama Bin Laden Crosshairs Infant Creeper SJ Infant Bodysuit I Love jews Organic Baby Bodysuit Bomb Iran Infant Bodysuit Don't Fuck with the MOSSAD. Infant Bodysuit Super Jew(blue/white) Infant Bodysuit Israel Army Infant Bodysuit Holocaust Remembrance Star of David Infant Creeper Kiss Me I'm Israeli Baby Toddler Infant Bodysuit Infant Bodysuit
I STAND WITH ISRAEL Infant Bodysuit Infant Bodysuit KISS ME I'M JEWISH Infant Bodysuit Infant Bodysuit Terrorist Practical Jokes Infant Creeper The Rambam Rocks Infant Bodysuit Don't worry ! Be jewish Infant Bodysuit Messianic Judaism Infant Creeper Jews Rock Infant Bodysuit Proud Irish Jew Infant Bodysuit I Love [heart] Hasidic Reggae Organic Baby Bodysui
Can you imagine what kind of disturbed human being one would become if they start by teaching him/ her to grow up with this racist attitude?
Half Jewish Infant Bodysuit
By this abuse of virtuousness, violation of baby purity, by exploitation of child tenderness, what kind of arrogance and vile supremacy would they foster in an innocent soul entrusted with them?Envy Me I'm Jewish Infant Bodysuit Chosen One Jewish Infant Bodysuit Jews Are Chai Achievers Infant BodysuitCOOL JEW Infant BodysuitProud Jew Infant Bodysuit SUPER JEW T-SHIRT super jew, Infant Bodysuit Envy Me I'm Jewish Infant BodysuitChosen One Infant Bodysuit
Super Jew(blue/white) Infant Bodysuit

After that, is hard to imagine then how racist supremacists beings are created?

and how consent to genocide is manufactured?