Monday, July 19, 2010

Full Speech of H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah on The Resistances Wounded Day

The following is the full speech of Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered during the ceremony marking the Resistance's Wounded day and the Birth of Abi Fadl Al Abbas on the 4th of Sha'aban (Hijri), 16th of July:

At the beginning, I renew my condolences on the passing of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah (May Allah be Pleased with Him), his passing was a painful and great loss to Lebanon, Muslims, the Ummah (nation), the resistance, as well as jihad.

I also offer my condolences to His Eminence Imam Khamenei, to our fellow brothers the officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as to the Iranian people on the victims that were martyred in the deadly terrorist blasts that were executed by terrorist and errant hands run without doubt by US intelligence.

I also address you all and congratulate you on the blessed occasions we are living, as the month of Sha'aban is the month of our prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), it is the spiritual, psychological, emotional, and intellectual gateway to the month of God the Almighty (the month of Ramadan).

This month is a month in which our grand imams and leaders were born: the birth of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) grandson, who guarded Islam with his chaste blood, master of all martyrs Abi Abdullah Imam Hussien (a.s.), the birth of Imam Ali bin Hussein Zein Al Aabidin (a.s.), the mujahid, captive, and the loyal worshipper, it is also the birth of the guard of jihad who sacrificed and was martyred in Karbala, Al Abbas bin Ali bin Abi Taleb (PBUH). Also in the upcoming days is the birth of the Awaited Imam of Justice and Master of all times Imam Mahdi (May Allah Hasten his Appearance).

I also congratulate the wounded brothers and sisters, and all viewers and listeners on the anniversary of victories of sacrifice, blood, jihad, patience, and resistance, the anniversary the July war against the Zionists, and on the liberation of the captives anniversary, who returned from the "Israeli" prisons and with them returned the bodies of honorable martyrs, it is that operation known as "Al Redwan Operation".

In this occasion, I will talk about Al Abbas as it is his birth anniversary, and about you, people of this occasion, and I will finally talk about the political and security developments taking place in Lebanon, where my priority is to discuss the issue of agents and spies, also I will address the Telecommunications Network and the Special Tribunal For Lebanon (STL) that are related to the former issue.

There might not be enough time to discuss major political issues, but anyways, there will be more than one occasion in the coming few days in which we will discuss more topics.

First I talk about Al Abbas bin Ali (a.s.), as his birth anniversary on the 4th of Sha'aban is a celebration day to all those who were wounded for the sake of God, for the sake of sacred causes, and for the sake of the nation.

I would like to remind you of two of his stands (in Karbala) from which we extract a lesson: the first stand is before his injury and the second one after his injury.

The first stand I recall is that when Imam Hussien (a.s.) and his companions in Karbala were surrounded, and were prevented water and supplies. It was clear then that things were heading to a bloody confrontation which for sure will end with the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions, while the women and children end up as captives.

One of the political terminologies in Lebanon called "neutrality" was what it would have taken Al Abbas and his brothers to save their lives, but what was the stand of Al Abbas? His stand was well-known, he rejected safety, also cursed those who suggested this idea and objected it and said "in the battle of fighting for right and sanctities, there is no place for neutrality," this is how the noble, great people, people of right were throughout history.

The second stand of Al Abbas was after he was wounded. The role of Al Abbas in the battle of Karbala was very clear and specific; he was the flag carrier and the leader of the army- the army which was a limited resistance formation of 71 men. But after the martyrdom of all the mujahideen (strugglers), this leader became a warrior in battlefield, and was also asked to carry out a logistics mission of great importance, which is to bring water.

Of course, bringing water could have caused drastic changes on how the battle progressed, so thought the leaders of the enemy army, who knew very well what could have happened if Imam Hussein, Al Abbas, the women and children got some water.

Al Abbas went to battle, fought, carried the water, and was on his way back, when his right hand was amputated, but he kept moving on and still protected the water bag, which means he guarded his logistics mission and kept fighting with his left hand, he was wounded but still kept fighting and providing support.

His left hand was amputated too, he was unable to carry his sword or spear, and still had a logistics mission embodied in delivering water to Imam Hussein. He used his body parts to support the water bag after he lost his hands, then his first eye was hit by a spear, and then the second as well, but he never stopped and wagered his horse was on the right track, until his horse fell down. That was the time when he lost all capabilities of completing the mission.

From Al Abbas (a.s.), we learn fortitude, strong will, perseverance, and determination to continue work even if we lose the ability to accomplish some of this work. It does not matter that you shoot or hit with your sword or ride your horse or be in the front line or in the back line, what matters is that you should do what you can, because God does not charge a soul with more than it can bear, and that you should do what you do for the sake of God.

I wanted to say these words in order to assure the wounded brothers who have lost the ability to take part in work of military or service nature, and think that any other work is not good enough and is of no moral and practical value, and tell them that they are very mistaken.

The wounded brothers and sisters can work with what is left of their energy, those who have the ability to advocate can do so, just like some of you already are, and those who can work with their hands do so, etc... in conclusion, you can work and play your role with the energy and capability you have left and that was bestowed upon you from God the Almighty. You have responsibilities that you can handle and tasks that you can do, as you follow the example of that whose right hand was amputated, and then the left, but continued his jihad, this was the stand of Al Abbas (a.s.), our example, guide, and symbol.

You, and thank God, have fought, struggled, sacrificed, were wounded, and tolerated during all the years of resistance, and are still in progress. All the wounds along with the hardships of life did not affect nor damage your moral, spirituality, will, and strength. You were never people of neutrality, you were always people of just, and supporters of right and went to battle without fear.

How could we watch our country, sanctities, people, and dignity attacked and remain neutral? Many of those who speak about neutrality now-a-days are fraud. These tried to disguise injustice, neglect of duty, and providing service to the enemy with sweet talk; as many of these said during the war "this war is none of our business, it is the war of the others living on our land".

Where would Lebanon have been if we believed this lie, and said like those with Imam Hussein said in Karbala, "We have no business among those leaders, these are wars of others on our land." Where would Lebanon have been if we went to our mosques, religion schools, schools, universities, and homes , and ate, worked, prayed, fasted, and considered that what is going on is none of our business what so ever?

If we did that, where would have Lebanon been today? Where is its sovereignty, its land, its water, its dignity, security, stability? Where is its state, establishments, its decisions of sovereignty, where would have Lebanon been today?

Since you have never been- and will never be- in a state of neutrality, you entered the battle and presented sacrifices, some of your brothers ended up as martyrs, others fell captives and suffered for long years in the "Israeli" prisons, and you remained in battle and were injured, you and all your brothers of the martyrs families, their girls and boys, the mujahideen, and the wounded as well as the honorable people are still loyal to this position, to this responsibility, and this duty.

Brothers and sisters, your sacrifices were put in the right place, right time, and the right battle. You never fought or were injured in defense of a leader or sect. Your battle has always been a battle in defense of the country and the homeland, of the people and the sanctities, of the just cause and the nation, and this is your blame. Unfortunately, now-a-days, those who speak of the nation, the cause of the nation and the sanctities of the nation are defamed.

I would like to assure you- and this is not the first time I say this, there is no battle on earth clearer, loftier, and more sincere than that against the Zionist scheme, the "Israeli" occupation and the "Israeli" enemy on the different levels whether the ethical, religious, juristic, legal, or the humanitarian.

You will not find a war more sacred or nobler than that war (against the Zionists) of which you were -and still are- part of, and in which you presented your sacrifices. This battle is the utmost evidence on Jihad for the sake of God.

All what you have done in this path is for the sake of God the Almighty. I say this to assure you that God will pay you for your good deeds in life and in the afterlife.

You already see the results of your sacrifices -Thank God- in this life. The results of your wounds, your blood, the chaste bodies of martyrs, these pains and agonies of our people, the captives, the displaced, those whose houses were destructed, all these we see their product in this life. The results of all this is what we see in the liberation, this dignity, this glory, this feeling of freedom, existence. It is indeed beautiful that a human lives away from being humiliated, oppressed, and underestimated by his enemies or by others. It is beautiful indeed that a human or entity lives dignified, free, standing straight on his feet and raising his head high.

This immunity you enjoy, as the enemy today is wary of you, and does not take you for granted is owing to your sacrifices.

It is the promise of God, his prophet, his chaste household, and the Quran to you that your efforts do not go astray. This is what our prophets sayings, stories and preaching assure us.

You will be paid for your efforts, just like the mujahideen and the wounded, you have reached the degree of the mujahideen and the wounded. Those who left the world with wounds in their bodies and were sincere in their fight for the cause then these will remain with the martyrs and will be rewarded for their good deeds.

My brothers and sisters: here in life, we might fall short on giving you your right, and praising you and acknowledging your good turn. But we know that what you aimed for and hoped for was to be rewarded from God the Almighty.

On your day, the day of your wounds, faith, resistance, and perseverance, I thank you for all your steadfastness, patience, determination, and loyalty, and I ask God the Almighty to accept your good turn, reward you and help you stick to this path.

I call upon you all to pursue your work with the effort and capabilities you are left with, as the challenges are very big and need all your energy and capabilities. My duty is to thank you and particularly I thank your precious mothers in first place, because most of the times, these mothers took responsibility and care of their children after they were wounded or injured- those wounded who were not married yet. In second place, I thank the wives of those wounded, and a special thanks and gratitude to those women who married brothers suffering serious injury.

We greatly respect these women and appreciate what they did, as they enjoy sublime humanitarian qualities, as each and every one of these women who decided to marry a wounded of our brothers has devoted her life to his service, love and care, and this is one of the highest degrees of jihad. It is also my duty to thank all the brothers who have been working hard in the Wounded establishment, I thank all those who worked hard during the past years in forming the Wounded and Detainees Affairs Unit, whether the officials, employees, or volunteers, and I ask God the Almighty to bless their grand and venerable efforts.

Dear brothers and sisters, people of the Resistance, its wounded, mujahideen, heroes, who sacrificed and made victories:

Today, one of the most important challenges that Lebanon and its people, and the Resistance face is the issue of agents, and rings of agents and espionage.

Of course, this topic needs more attention and care. I have two titles concerning agents: the first title is the agents, spies, and rings, and the second title is the telecoms network issue, which deserves to be a separate topic worth discussing.

In the first title, we take the July War as an example. The agents and spies had major roles even before the beginning of the war, as they were a major pillar in providing the "Israelis" with the list of targets, the "Israelis" who want to launch war later on, and would want to strike, destruct, invade, execute assassinations, or launch psychological wars, or or.....

Agents and spies are the most important pillars in this work, true it is there are different tools and methods to gather data, most important of which are the technically-developed tools that are available to the enemy, as it has access to all the American tools.

But no matter how developed the enemy's technical means of gathering information become, its need of the human element is indispensable, as there are areas and types of information that cannot be gathered through technical means, it still needs the human element.

Before the war, those spies that are being arrested (in the meantime) -especially those who served as spies before the war, provided important information to the "Israeli" enemy, upon which buildings, houses, factories, centers, establishments, and different other places were targeted, where many fell as martyrs and many were wounded. These spies are contributors to the killing, and are contributors in destruction, and the displacement of people; these spies are contributors to all the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy during the July war.

Before the war, they (spies) presented information related to places and people; this house belongs to whom, this market belongs to whom, this shelter belongs to whom, more details of details were presented. Those agents presented the enemy with everything they could gather on Hizbullah leaderships, on the Lebanese army, on the state's capacities of telecoms and other services.

This needs not be discussed, there is no agent that has given information and another that has not, all agents were involved, and everything they received they delivered to the "Israelis".

Of those (agents), some fled away, others were arrested and some of them stayed. During war time, there were those who presented direct services to the enemy due to which certain places were targeted -places that were not part of "Israel's" list of targets before the war. These people, their crime is graver, because agents prior to war time can say they provided (the enemy) with information and received money in return while being unaware that war is to occur. But this (wartime agent) is in the middle of the war, watching drones hit buildings, villages, and cities, and providing the enemy with information - also after the war as the "Israeli" enemy list ran out of targets. Certain targets were hit more than once after the enemy had no more targets, and some homes and buildings were destructed for one sole reason which is that "Israel" has to hit any target.

Following the war, they (Israelis) want to refill the list of targets and therefore they once again recruited these agents and spies and pursued their work, this is when talking about collecting data.

Another role carried out by many agents whether those who were uncovered or still active today - which is of no less graveness- was seeking sedition and tension which is what many of the agents confessed.

Some agents confessed they were required to cause sedition especially in the South between Amal and Hizbullah, where people would fire at each other but thank God these are in fact problems that came to an end long ago.

For instance, a few years ago, a certain conflict occurred in one of the villages. At the time, one of the agents was in relation to this conflict, Speaker Nabih Berri and I delicately dealt with the case, where we set up a common investigation committee as it was a small conflict in which B7 missiles were fired. Usually, when little conflicts occurred, people used sticks, personal guns, but grenades?

Later on, it was revealed that one of the now arrested agents was behind the firing of the grenades, where he confessed he had done it upon "Israeli" demand.

These agents were required to cause tension in the different villages whether Shiite, Sunni, Christian, Druze, within the same sect, between the different sects, especially between Shiites and Sunnis.

The main target of such sedition was the resistance, the "Israelis" -from their point of view- know that any internal tension or conflict is a service to them regardless of any responsibility.

Now, the "Israelis" stand helpless before the Resistance's will, strength, and readiness in Lebanon, on what do they bet? They are betting on another "Israeli" scheme called the international tribunal they are preparing for in the few coming months.

Gabi Ashkenazi (Enemy's Chief of general Staff) says we have to wait until September where Lebanon will witness an uproar. Their bet is on uproar and tension. "Israel" has been always working on seeking internal tension and strife so that the Lebanese would live a tense atmosphere, so that the Lebanese would engage with their fellow brothers, and the Lebanese would engage with the Palestinians, and the Palestinians together as well, that way the Zionist enemy and its Zionist scheme remain safe among a disputed and destructed atmosphere, on the psychological, spiritual, materialistic and realistic levels.

These agents played these roles, and the number of those agents drastically increased in Lebanon during the past years. I do not want to hold responsible those who were in the period of 2005 and after 2005, or prior to 2005, as apparently agents have been collaborating with the enemy since the year 1996, 1997, and 1994. But there is no doubt that during the previous years, and precisely since the year 2004, agents have taken great prominence when their numbers illogically and unreasonably increased. These have causes, and when we discuss these causes our aim is to find the solution.

The first factor is the sense of security: the agents and spies in Lebanon have a sense of security and feel that no one follows them, especially during the recent years. How can a person remain to be an agent for 16 years and 15 years and 20 years without being exposed? He feels safe and comfortable, covers himself and arranges his atmosphere since no one has put him in the circle of suspicion. How can agents not increase with such a sense of security?

The second factor is: judicial lenience and light verdicts that were issued before the year 2004, after the year 2004 and others that were issued in the year 2000. Whenever an individual became an agent to "Israel", he presented it with data and reaped a hundred thousand dollars or two hundred thousand dollars, started a company, built a villa in Lebanon and Norway and Belgium, and spent his summer vacation in Thailand and Turkey etc, at the end when exposed, he got jailed for a year or two. What a big deal!

The third factor, which is also encouraging, is the supporting environment that does not view anything wrong in the collaboration of the son, husband, professor, soldier, policeman, mayor, journalist, or cultured.

As some view, nothing is wrong with protecting or adopting or even trivializing the dangers of collaboration and espionage, arriving to a point where collaboration has become a point of view, or a local and regional choice and therefore, just like "you" have a relation with Syria, others people have a relation with "Israel".

This supporting environment is one of the most dangerous factors that helped in the increase of espionage rings, especially that environment that views "Israel" as a normal neighbor or a future ally or a supporter during hardships.

These causes must be eliminated. Anyways, during the past two years, this case was opened and intensely followed, but why now? I do not want to answer; some things should be kept for the right time. But away from any background or any intentions, the work carried out is good and we do not want to hold anyone responsible of their intentions as these might be good or might not be so. I do not want to address intentions now, I just want to praise this work as it was excellent, and the opening of this file was necessary and essential.

The official security apparatuses had done a great deal that we thank for, and I have always expressed this stand and I repeat it now: we appreciate every effort done by any apparatus, be it tthe Army Intelligence and the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces.

There is an attempt now to politically categorize the Security Apparatuses in the country. Any official security apparatus that puts effort and works seriously on this file deserves from us and the Lebanese gratitude, appreciation and greeting.

A number of arrestees were taken to the judiciary, where verdicts have been issued, good verdicts recently.

I want to address a few demands in relation to this issue.

First of all, we demand the execution of death sentences that were issued without any further delay, and without excuses God willing. Those (agents) should be hanged.

It is my duty to praise His Excellency President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Suleiman, who declared that he will sign any death sentence verdict issued by the specialized judiciary. This stance should be saluted and respected.

When talking about agents, we all said these do not belong to a religion, a sect, or even to their families. When an individual becomes an agent for "Israel", he belongs to the enemy, the enemy of this sect, people, country, and nation; this is how this agent should be treated.
Concerning the security follow up, I hope that no one would work on the basis of sectarian balances, in such a way that if we arrest a Shiite agent, and then uncover another Shiite agent, we leave that agent and search for a Sunni, Maronite, or Druze agent in order to create a sectarian balance in arrests.

This is unacceptable, and the country cannot be safeguarded that way. An agent is an agent, and all agents should be arrested regardless of their sect. all of them should be accountable, even if 90% of them were Shiites and only 10% were from the other sects.

Also, when talking about verdict issuance, a death sentence verdict was issued against a Druze agent, another issued against a Shiite agent, and then do we have to wait for death sentence verdicts against a Sunni, Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic, Armenian, Caledonian, and Surrealist in order to execute the death sentence verdicts?

I demand the execution of death sentences issued against the agents in no time, since this will put a limit to the unreasonable, illogical, and very dangerous increase of espionage and agents networks.

Our demand is that the arrest of agents, their prosecution, and the issuance of verdicts against them should not be subject to sectarian and religious balances, no one enjoys cover when talking about collaboration.

Another point in this context is that the families of collaborators are not guilty of anything, and therefore it is prohibited to offense the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of these families. Some homes of which came out agents also had resistance fighters and martyrs, these are honorable, resistant, and sacrificing families of which one son fell into the trap of evil. So was the case in the families of prophets who had loyal children and others who are irresponsible and became agents.

It is very important to launch a wide national campaign so that spies do not feel secure, and therefore no one would think of collaborating (with the enemy), and most important is eliminating the supporting environment, those who created this environment are the ones to eliminate it and they should be careful, otherwise they will be partners in crimes committed by those agents that are being protected and their crimes trivialized.

As for the second title, it is the Telecommunications issue.

Concerning the Telecoms and agents that were uncovered so far in the Alfa company, of which the identities of two agents were officially declared, and today also we heard through news media of another former employee who was arrested. Since this topic is very grave and serious, I want to discuss two issues:

The first issue is related to the Telecoms Network itself: I am not opening old subjects for no reason; I am doing so as we would be alert and careful in the future. The second issue is the issue of the agents itself, the topic of Charbel Qazzi and others who were arrested on Telecoms.

It has become undoubtedly and evidently clear to me as to all the Lebanese people and officials that there is total "Israeli" control of what is called the Telecoms Network in the country, whether mobile lines, landlines, not to mention the wireless lines which are controlled by "Israel" since quite some time already through tapping, the internet as well. Now and right away, the Lebanese should know and be careful and aware to this, especially those who chat a lot over the phone -whether in personal or general issues- they should be careful that the country is exposed.

The "Israelis' wiretap and upon what they hear, they find out and determine a lot of information and data through their control over the Telecoms.

Another thing that became evident, this "Israeli" control over the Telecoms world in Lebanon is not new, which means it is not one or two or three years old, it is aged.

These agents that were exposed now, since when have they been working in these companies? And since when have they been agents? Since when have they been presenting this data to the "Israeli" enemy? Since the year 96, 97, or 98, this implies that when the "Israelis" launched the 2006 war, they were preparing for this war, regardless of if they wanted to wage it in September 2006 or October 2006 or 2007. The captivity operation came to light and changed the timing, they (the Israelis) were preparing for this war while considering that everything under the title Telecoms is under their control.